Cool, Calm and Concentrated for Exams

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It’s getting near that time of the year when the walls seem to come closing in and deadlines and exams start creeping up like wildfire that you just can’t get on top of. This can be a time of huge stress but also major regret and anxiety for all the time you could have been so much more productive. But fear not, we have pinpointed some stress-relieving things you should try to unwind and take control of the situation.


Stress can have a huge effect on your body and mind. One proven way to ease that anxiety and stress is regular exercise. Not only will this boost your mood and release all those positive endorphins that you will most definitely be in need of, but it is also a way to get you out of the house and vent all that stress and frustration you may be feeling.

Eat Well

You need to take care of your body and mind in order to function to the best of your ability. Food is your fuel so make sure you are treating yourself well. While it may be tempting to drown your sorrows in a Domino’s Detox or spice bag, you will be doing yourself much more justice by having a cleaner, brain-boosting diet full of super foods such as blueberries, nuts and whole grains.


There are so many organic ways to de-stress and be mindful but there are also many new and innovative ways. Headspace is a popular new app that has been proven to help people with anxiety to de-stress through a calming meditation forum on your phone. Meditation will help you unwind when you can’t seem to get rid of that nervous pit in your stomach, improving your focus and relieving your anxiety and stress.

Prep and Plan

One way that will  sort your mind out when it feels like everything is getting the better of you is writing it all down and getting organised. It’s a simple step, but a really effective one. Make a game plan. Declutter your brain in the simplest way possible and literally write down everything you have to do and make a logical and organised plan of how you are going to do it. Then everything will be out there and you will feel much more in control of the situation.

Katie Gallagher

Image Credit: Ben Toal