Summer Style Simplified

Black sunglasses


With winter done and dusted behind us, we can now focus on the brighter side of the year with summer fast approaching.

Dressing well for the approaching season is essential. Not only will it make you feel less gloomy but it will also ensure that you look dapper for any occasion within the next few months. It’s time to get rid of the dark greys of winter and embrace the colour.

Shoes– For footwear you can stick with casual runners- they’re versatile and can be used for either jeans or shorts. Invest in some stone coloured canvas slip-ons, as nothing says summer more than a pair of Toms.

Trousers– Vibrant and colourful swim shorts seem to be doing the rounds so add one or two pairs of them to the list. Another item that is becoming popular are white/cream skinny jeans. Roll those bad boys up and they will go perfect with runners or slip-ons. Dress them up or down as you please.

Tops– Plain coloured tees are a safe bet but you might as well add a few striped ones in there to mix things up a bit. Pineapple designs seem to be appearing so it might be worth searching for a tee with that sort of design.

Accessories– Keep things simple and colourful this summer adding in a bit of design here and there to spice things up. Don’t forget a pair of slick shades to keep you looking fresh.

Cathal Mc Cahey



Summer 2017’s fashion trends have already been decided. The catwalks at London, New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Week were introduced with new trends; from ’80s-inspired, shoulders, washes of fuchsia pink, canary yellow, stripes and florals with sheer and ruffled materials. Mix ‘n’ match styling is becoming more popular.

DIY– We can see an aesthetic DIY culture trending. The idea of wearing whatever, whenever and however you imagine it in that moment is becoming more current. We should express who we are with our clothing this summer.

Shoulders -Relaxed shapes worked the catwalk this season. This trend makes an effective summer statement.

Pink -Pink bombarded shows such as Valentino, Topshop Unique and Celine. You can layer lots of different pinks or colour block by wearing coats over statement dresses. Think pink.

Bralettes -Kendall Jenner’s favourite piece of clothing is going to be everywhere this Summer. They’re perfect to wear on a Summer night out.

Stripes -From seaside to school to sailor, stripes were all over the catwalks. If it’s pinstripes or thick stripes, vertical or horizontal, they’re set to make an impact this Summer.

Amy Donohoe