Good Friday ban to be lifted

The current ban has been in place for the past 90-years.

A number of DCU students have said that the 90 year-old ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday is archaic and illogical.

The Government is currently moving to lift the ban with the change likely to come into effect for Good Friday 2018.

The Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill 2017 will come before the Upper House next week.

In anticipation, The College View asked a number of DCU students for their thoughts on the abolishment of the restriction.

“It will be beneficial as it will normalize our society and take a step out of the dark ages of being made to do something by the government when it should be completely our own choice” one student said.

“This country has a massive drinking culture and once Good Friday is over, the Easter Saturday would make you think there’s been a year-long alcohol drought. If people want to drink on Good Friday, they will. They’ll stock up on the Thursday and will drink regardless” said another.

DCU Sober Society expressed their concerns for a much more pressing issue.

“I don’t believe that lifting the ban will have any effect on the drinking culture we have in this country, and I feel it is obvious enough that to make a difference, a lot more emphasis needs to be placed on education about the potential dangers of alcohol from primary and secondary school stages, across the country,” said Andy Gleeson, Chairperson.

“Sober Soc provides social events for students that will teach people the importance of socializing in a relaxed and sober environment from time to time. We teach people to appreciate the time and experience we as students can gain from social events which are not dominated by the presence of alcohol. If you are an active Christian then you will not drink on this day regardless – but Sober Soc among many other things has taught me that choice is the most important thing” he continued.

Publicans have long been campaigning for the removal of the ban introduced in 1927.

DCU NuBar said that from a student bar perspective, they felt the ban is of no restriction as most student’s would travel home for the long weekend regardless.

However local pubs popular amongst DCU students, The Slipper and The Autobahn, refused to comment on the topic.

Rachael Kellegher

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons