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James Donoghue says goodbye to DCU after two years working for the SU.

As the college year comes to an end, former Education Officer and current Academic Affairs Officer, James Donoghue, spoke to The College View about his experience working with the Student Union over the past year.

With previous experience working as part of the SU team, Donoghue was prepared for the challenges associated with the amalgamation of the Students’ Unions of DCU, St Patrick’s College and Mater Dei.

“My workload this year wasn’t any more challenging than last year but it was extremely hard to be visible on every campus 5 days a week, it was difficult.” he said.

As part of his manifesto when running for election, Donoghue proposed a helpline for students to contact for advice and support on exam results and also to create an online forum for repeat students.

“The online forum is something I’m still working on for hopefully the summer. It’s something that’s very hard to set up, there’s training and getting the staff to man it.” he said.

When asked if his plan for an exam helpline went ahead, Donoghue said that it never happened. Despite his efforts, it wasn’t possible for it to work.

“I felt maybe if there was a helpline then people would be more inclined to ring but at the time it just wouldn’t work as it’s one day a year.”

Despite the setbacks, Donoghue said he is happy with how the year went and is confident he did the job well.

“Careers week happened, I developed more grinds than there has ever been on the Loop system, I followed up on student surveys and student feedback is being listened to.” he said.

Donoghue is looking forward to seeing what the newly elected Academic Affairs Officer, Brendan Power, will do during his time in office and said he hopes he enjoys the role.

“I think it’s a great time to be involved in the SU from an academic affairs perspective. It passes you by very quick, the two years for me have just flown.”


Shauna Coen

Image Credit: Eoin Cooke