SU offices ransacked

By Shauna Bowers

Credit: DCUSU

The Students’ Union offices were broken into and ransacked on Sunday night, according to the SU president Niall Behan.

A drone belonging to the VP for Welfare and Equality, Podge Henry, was stolen alongside a lot of equipment from the DCUfm studio including cameras and chargers. A lot of invaluable items were taken too such as SU bags, t-shirts,  Brendan Power’s  SU lanyard and Dominoes vouchers.

The place was left in complete disarray with papers and furniture strewn all over the place.

Behan said that he is doing everything he can to find out who did this.

“The SU is extremely upset over the break-in, especially after just moving into the offices. We are working with the gardai to try and apprehend the suspects.

“We are also going to have to re-evaluate our security procedures if we can’t trust people to leave our property and offices untouched,” he said.

The case is currently being investigated and it is believed that the culprit is most likely someone who attends DCU.

They have found someone with Power’s lanyard in the area but nothing has been confirmed as of yet, according to Behan.

However, the Gardai  are investigating the matter and have taken a suspect into custody

“Gardaí are investigating a theft from MPV [multi-purpose vehicle] and Burglary incident at a college on Collins Avenue. A man in his late teens was arrested and brought to court on the 25th September 2017,” they said.

They are asking anybody who knows or saw anything on Sunday night to come forward with any information they have.