Brendan Power SU Spread

As the new academic year begins and students throng the campus grounds, Brendan Power, the new VP for Academic Affairs spoke to The College View about his plans for the months ahead.

A former business student of DCU, Power availed of the services offered by the Students’ Union and explained that his experiences with the union showed him the importance of the position.

“It’s a role where you can impact a person’s day. A student could come into my office in dire need but they’re not aware of all their options until you explain it to them. The idea of being the difference between someone staying in college or leaving is pretty incredible.

“It’s about working to make each students’ experience in college better. The SU team is great and we’re all different people from various backgrounds but working towards that goal” he said.

Despite the difficulties associated with the construction of the new Hub and The Students’ Union offices, Power has been working on new ideas, focusing on the issue of grinds and improving Careers Week.

“The grinds database that we have at the moment is out of date. It’s something I’m trying to make more student friendly. There are people that are on it for years who probably aren’t even in DCU anymore so that needs to be updated.

“It’s on Loop but it’s not easy to navigate and when it comes to week eight or nine when students are in particular need of this service I want it to be as easy as possible to access it” he said.

Power also aims to improve the university’s Careers Week with a desire to make it bigger than previous years.  He hopes to invite DCU Alumni who have succeeded in their chosen careers into the college to share their experiences with students from various faculties.

“Getting industry leaders to come in will motivate students and get them thinking about life after their DCU education and seize opportunities.”

Shauna Coen

Image Credit: DCUSU