DCU celebrates 20 years of international studies


Organisations should develop a strategy which embraces the LGBTA community, revealed the Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces on campus last Tuesday.

Vice Admiral Mark Mellett gave a keynote lecture in honor of the anniversary of international relations at entitled ‘Understanding a Turbulent World: Celebrating 20 years of International Studies’.

“Developing a diversity and inclusion strategy in all organisations, one which promotes equality, values difference, and embraces LGBTA and other communities is vital,” he said. “These strategies in all networks improve resilience and become an antidote for complexity.”
He went on to talk about the role of women. “Women, for example, in many countries are socialised from a young age to fulfil certain stereotypical ‘feminine’ roles such as caregivers and not to opt for careers such as in STEM and indeed, the military. Embracing diversity across perspectives such as culture, ethnicity, creed and generation is critical. Dealing with complexity is a leadership issue,” he added.

He also discussed Ireland’s position as one of the safest countries in the world. “Ireland according to the Global peace index is in the top 6% of safest countries in the world. This is a privileged position which I sometimes think we take for granted. It is undoubtedly a consideration in attracting foreign direct investment. This makes us one of the most globalized economies in the world.”
The lecture was opened by Prof. John Doyle, the Dean of Humanities at DCU. President Brian MacCraith also gave a short speech and congratulated the law and government department on pioneering the study of international relations in Ireland and praised its unique contributions. He also emphasised the importance of international studies.
Maura Conway received The President’s Research award for her extensive study in the field, which was presented to her by MacCraith. Gary Murphy, the head of the Law and Government department, concluded the lecture and the Admiral answered questions from the audience.
Over 50 people gathered for the event, which took place in the Nursing building on the Glasnevin campus. The international relations programme was established in DCU in 1997 and now carries both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Gabija Gataveckaite