DCU joins new bike sharing programme

DCU is one of two universities in Dublin involved in the city’s new stationless bike sharing programme.
A new company called “Bleeperbike” is Ireland’s first dockless bike sharing service. Students and staff looking to avail of the service must first download Bleeperbike’s free app, which is available for both iPhone and Android users. There are currently three parking locations on the Glasnevin campus. The parking locations, as well as the available bikes, can be located on the Bleeperbike map.

There are two parking locations on the St Patrick’s Drumcondra campus and two on the All Hallow’s Campus. The company has also made their bikes available in Dublin’s south side and University College Dublin. To unlock a bike, users must scan the QR code on top of the lock and within 3 seconds the lock will release. The bike must be returned to a parking location and the user must press ‘end journey’ on the app to park the bike correctly.

The bikes can be taken off of campus grounds but the user must return the bike to a registered parking location also on college grounds when ending the journey. The bikes will cost €1 per rental with each rental lasting up to an hour. Entering your credit card details to the Bleeperbike app will get users one ride free of charge.

Bleeperbikes have continued work on their service despite the decision by Dublin City Council that by-laws were needed to regulate the service in order for them to operate in the City Centre. This resulted in the bikes being removed from the city’s streets. There are now 150 bikes available to the public as part of a trial to see if there is a demand for the service.

Bleeperbike founder Hugh Cooney has expressed interest in having Bleeperbike in other locations across the country after having discussions with a number of other councils.

Eoin Harte

Image Credit: Grainne Jones