DCU Sports Complex bans mobile phones in facility

DCU sports complex have issued a ban on all camera devices including mobile phones within their facilities.

The complex released the statement earlier this month in a post on their Facebook page. The gym said: “Please be aware that using any kind of camera devices including phones are strictly forbidden in the facilities. This is to protect the privacy of all individuals who use our facilities.”

The ban is part of an effort to combat violations of privacy such as unsolicited photographs in the facilities as well as to prevent loitering on machines. Since the ban was put online there have been mixed reviews from the student body with many students saying that they often used their phones while on the premises.

“I think that it’s good in that people’s privacy is being looked after in the gym but at the same time a lot of people use their phones to listen to music and when you’re on your own it gets a bit lonely”

“They only have signs up in the changing room saying no phones permitted in there, but there are none upstairs, it’s not being advertised. And like, fair enough you shouldn’t be using your phones in the changing room, that’s gross” said two third year students Emma Shevlin and Anna O Reilly.

“To be honest like, I get it on one hand when people are just sitting around taking pictures of themselves but some people have their workout regimes on them and it can be card hard to remember what you’re doing if you don’t have that” according to second year student Eoin Harte.

The Gym was criticised this time last year for increasing the cost of their student membership from €195 to €205.

The Sports Complex was unwilling to provide a comment when contacted directly.

Callum Lavery

Image Credit: Laura Horan