Force stars dreaming of national success under Kearney

The DCU Force

The newly appointed leadership in DCU’s Force Rugby has the teams dreaming of All-Ireland glory.

The men’s and women’s senior setups are now under the wing of new Development Officer Aidan Kearney along with fresh coaches including men’s side star Peter Wright who stated that he is already impressed with the updated Force.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes for a couple of weeks”, said Wright.

“We’ve been putting the coaches in place and we’re delighted with Eoin (Sheriff) and Ben (Marshall) who bring a lot of experience having played professionally.

“It’s looking a lot more professional here”, declared Wright.

Wright is already setting a lofty target for this season with an All Ireland title in his sights for the first team.

“They have a different idea of how the game should be played.

“They’re putting new structures on our patterns of play.

“It’s been exciting to develop a new idea of rugby”, added Wright.

Molly Scuffil-McCabe, of the senior women’s side, echoes Wright’s optimism and thinks the Force can sweep the top awards this season.

“We’re a solid team on paper”, commented Scuffil-McCabe.

“We won the Sevens too so there’s no reason we can’t be top of Division One and win the Sevens again.

“I think fresh eyes and ears is always great.

“They always listen to what you’re saying and adapt it to how they want to play as well so it’s a great link to have,” said Scuffil-McCabe.

Alex Dunne

Image Credit: DCU Force Rugby