364 new student bedrooms planned for Ballymun

A Lidl, four other retailers, and 364 student bedrooms will be built as a part of Ballymun’s new development project.

This comes as an effort to spur on socio-economic growth in the area after the closure of a Tesco outlet three years ago, with a Supervalu serving as Ballymun’s main shopping outlet.

Lidl Ireland GmbH will build on the previous site of apartment blocks close to Main Street on Balcurris Road, worth a total of €2.5 million.

“The development comes at a time when there is a significant requirement for student accommodation due to increasing student numbers at DCU and across Dublin,” said Alan Barry, Director of Property at Lidl Ireland.

The student bedrooms are set to be 35 m², similar in size to the plans for 446 student bedrooms on Dorset Street.

Hines, a private American retail investment company worth nearly €85 billion, is allegedly responsible for part of the development

Ballymun has suffered significant retail seepage over the last 10 years and a drop in social services, with shoppers opting for the Omnipark Shopping Centre in Santry or retail outlets in Charlestown and Finglas.

“We welcome a mixed-use investment coming in to Ballymun. It not only brings jobs but also increases turnover in the local economy,” said Robert Murphy, owner of Supervalu Ballymun and Chairperson of Ballymun for Business.

“Ballymun has an ideal opportunity over the next five years to get itself right from an economic point of view. Otherwise other areas are going to catch up,” he said.

The additional development of 50 affordable homes in Poppintree out of a total 2,000 units available is set to encourage Ballymun’s economic and social growth.

Bank of Ireland has run a ‘Enterprise for Town’ competition in Ballymun, in conjunction with the new development of the area.

Ballymun receives 35 per cent of its output in trade back into the local economy.

Sabrine Donohoe