The ten most timeless movies

Cáit Caden

Credit: Emily Sheahan

“Don’t make me choose. I can’t” is the eternal quote from the film ‘Sophie’s Choice’, one of the greatest films of our time. The haunting phrase is an appropriate response when asked to narrow down a love of movies to 10 timeless classics.

Movies can make us laugh, cry and most importantly, think. While many are enjoyable, there are some that stay with us forever.

‘Gone with the Wind’ ranks at number 10. It is the highest grossing film ever made. The provocative drama for its time recently faced controversy due to its “insensitive” depiction of slavery during the American Civil War according to a Theatre in Memphis. The classic is a timeless love story but some elements of it should remain in the past.

At number 9 we have ‘Rocky (1976)’. Rocky is thought to be one of the greatest sport films in history.

‘The Lion King’ comes in at 8 for teaching us that intense sibling rivalry never has a happy ending.

‘Silence of the Lambs’ climbs its way up to 7. The thriller that earned itself five Oscars has a timeless chilling effect created by the reptile-like Hannibal Lecter. Its horrifying effect is still evident now, Hannibal’s cell is nicer than most student accommodation.

Although not a favourite of Hollywood, ‘Billy Elliot’ is one of the greatest underdog films ever made and makes its way to number 6. The simplicity of the movie which takes place in downtrodden Durham draws you in so much you feel part of the story. The fact that it’s a true story makes it all the more inspiring.

‘In The Name Of the Father’, missed out on seven Oscars but wins the number 5 rank. Most films about the relationship between Britain and Ireland during the troubles are understandably biased towards one side. The palpable portal by Pete Postlethwaite and Daniel Day-Lewis as the falsely imprisoned father and son duo showed us the desperation of the British government at the time and the ruthlessness of the Provisional IRA.

‘Spotlight’ shines at number 4. The film, released in 2015, has become a timeless classic. It brought one of the biggest scandals of our time back into focus and magnified the importance of original story tellers; journalists.

At number 3 ‘The Godfather’, originally released in 1972, remains one the most sophisticated Crime Dramas ever created.

At number 2 we have ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, a timeless tale of patience, perseverance and friendship in an institutionalised environment. Sounds like college but more poignant.

Finally, we have our ultimate timeless film. Ranking at number 1 is ‘Schindler’s List’. The epochal Drama delves intimately into all aspects of one of the most shameful periods in civilisation. Its loyalty to the stories of Holocaust survivors makes it one of the most phenomenal films ever made. It serves as a constant reminder not to let history repeat itself.

Cáit Caden