His and hers: a skincare guide

Amy Rohu

We’ve all been there. The bank balance is getting low and we need to prioritise. But looking after our skin is still vital and not something we should skip. Whether you live with your boyfriend or at home, did you know that there are lots of products both guys and girls can share? Plus, products for guys tend to be cheaper and without the ‘pink’ tax.

My boyfriend recently picked up a bottle of ‘Bulldog’ face scrub and one morning  I used a little bit of it in a hurry. Ignoring the ‘skincare for men’ slogan, I scrubbed away. I was expecting the smell of aftershave or tight skin afterwards, but it was one of the best face scrubs I’ve ever used, with a very pleasant fragrance and ingredients such as tea tree and green tea. Ever since then, his scrub has become our scrub. It costs €6.99, which is less than €3.50 each, leaving us with more money for the important stuff, like wine. This got me thinking of what else is out there that guys and girls can both use.

Everyone knows about the Nivea Men post-shave balm, used as a primer and because of its tacky finish, it makes for the perfect makeup base. Some people online have even described it as the best primer they’ve ever used. Only a little bit is required and at only €7.39 for 100 ml, that’s a huge saving and can be thrown into your trolley with the food shop. Speaking of the supermarkets, they are bargain central when it comes to his and hers skincare, so keep an eye out for brands like Nivea and Simple for great offers. The best things to look out for is plain, simple packaging and basic ingredients. The man in your life will certainly not want to use a glitter-infused strawberry shower gel as much as you might not want to try his manly coal-scented scrub.

Original Source is another fantastic brand that caters for everyone, plus their products are all natural, cruelty free and vegan. At around €3 their shower gels are a bargain and come in loads of amazing scents such as mint, lime and coconut. Unless you have a particular hair type, look out for shampoos such as TRESemmé or Pantene and their classic, basic formulas or 2-in-1 versions of shampoo and conditioner. These are usually suitable for everyone and retailing around €3 – €5 for the large bottles, they will also last ages.

All the products listed are available to buy in most Tesco, Dunne’s Stores and Boots stores nationwide.


Amy Rohu

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