Ireland’s first STEAM hackathon comes to St. Pat’s

Leigh McGowran

DCU’s STEAM Hackathon is first of it’s kind in Ireland and took place in St Patrick’s College’s main auditorium. Image Credit: DCU

DCU’s STEAM Hackathon is first of it’s kind in Ireland and took place in St Patrick’s College’s main auditorium.

President of DCU Brian MacCraith spoke at the event and explained it’s origins in a strategic partnership with Intel.

“We felt that we (DCU) were developing talent was that often ended up working with Intel, and we decided to look at ways that we could collaborate more effectively together” he said.

The STEAM Hackathon was designed to find new ways to integrate the skills of arts students into the current skillsets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Education.

“We believe innovation, creativity and discovery are a part of all the important things happening across the globe at the moment” MacCraith said.

It involved students pitching ideas, and working in teams over the weekend to make something that would enhance the lives of, or simply inspire, DCU students.

A variety of interesting ideas were pitched, such as drones that could pollinate flowers, and an app dedicated to reporting crimes and emergencies.

The students were given access to Intel Genuino technology, designed to be easy to use for beginners and first time users.

“You don’t get to work with this tech usually.” said Connell Kelly, a programming student.

Eoghan Stack, the CEO of DCU Ryan Academy, explained that one of their main focuses was bringing students from different skill-sets together to learn from each other, and to have a good experience overall.

There were a variety of guest speakers who gave their opinions on the importance of the STEAM Hackathon.

Philip King, the creator of Other Voices, described a hackathon as “standing at the edge of a place where something becomes possible”.

Cloe Salmerón, a business Erasmus student, said she believed the Hackathon would be very useful for improving her skills.

“Not just in the new people I meet, but I can improve myself. Intel is a company I like, and I hope to do an internship with them.”

Leigh McGowran

Image Credit: DCU