Wellness Wednesday and Hangover Hub debut at DCU

Leigh McGowran

Image credit: Niall Behan

Wellness Wednesday events are in full swing in the Glasnevin Campus of DCU to encourage students to be in touch with their physical and mental health in college.

Sorcha Murphy, the Chairperson of DCU’s Mental Health Society, explained that Wellness Wednesdays used to only be in the St Patrick’s College, and have now moved to Glasnevin Campus.

DCU Student’s Union President, Niall Behan, explained the reason for Wellness Wednesday, and also for the Hangover Hub.

“There are obvious reasons for the hangover hub–Shite Night– but also Wednesday is the hump day of the week.”

Behan said the events taking place as part of the Wellness Wednesdays Initiative are designed to make people aware of their own health and to help students look after themselves and their mental health.

“It does usually take something drastic for people to become aware of [the state of their mental health]” said Behan.

Murphy explained the creation of the Hangover Hub by Sober Soc and the Mental Health Society, as a place for people to unwind and relax on Wednesdays.

Vito Maloney Burke, the treasurer of Sober Soc, explained how the Hangover Hub was created: “It began as an idea with the Mental Health Society, and they asked us to come together to create it. Our two societies kind of promote the same things.”

Behan also said that he was happy that societies were working together to support Wellness Wednesdays: “I think it’s great, the people here are promoting wellness.”

Upcoming events for Wellness Wednesdays include a Self Care Tool Kit workshop, and a presentation teaching people to become more assertive. The events are taking place every Wednesday on Glasnevin Campus in AG00.

Leigh McGowran

Image Credit: DCUSU