DCU Enactus “Second Scoop” project aims to rehabilitate ex-convicts

by Aine Conaty

Members of DCU Enactus Credit: irish independent

DCU’s Enactus launched a new project ‘Second Scoop’, aiming to re-integrate ex convicts into society by supplying ice-cream for corporate events, festivals and fairs.

The project was started by students in Enactus DCU for the National Championships at Chartered Accountants. The team was crowned as Enactus Ireland National Champions at the event in June 2017. The project is one of a number of projects to be submitted for the Enactus World Cup.

‘Second Scoop’ gives ex-convicts a chance to work an everyday job. The project seeks to remove the stigma that usually surrounds ex-convicts, by giving them a chance to work a normal job and to give back to society.

The society is joining up with Ben and Jerry’s and the organisation Care After Prison to get the ex-prisoners to serve  ice cream at different events and festivals. Cathal Curry and Daniel Kyne are two of the managers for this project.

“Second Scoop is currently going through a transition period where we are looking at working with a new charity partner,” Cathal Curry said about the project. They are seeking more resources from charity organisations.

The project has the potential to remove the stigma surrounding ex-prisoners and could help them to get a second chance.

Ex-prisoners are individuals too and we want to give them a chance to succeed in life”, said Jack Kane, chairperson of Enactus in an interview with the Dublin People.

Enactus also have a project called Well On The Way, selling bottled water. All net profit goes to the building of wells in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Enactus DCU hope that their charitable projects will help them in next year’s Enactus World Cup.

Aine Conaty