Rail strikes stops students getting to college

Clara Kelly

Students who rely on Irish rail and DART to get to University will find themselves struggling to get to college throughout November and December due to the Irish Rail strikes.

The strike has already affected two days in November and is set to happen on two more occasions throughout the next couple of months. The next strike dates are on November 23rd and December 8th, although more dates may still be added after these.

The USI has already come out on the side of the rail workers, However, DCU students and students in general who use Irish Rail as their primary or only form of transportation to college will be heavily affected by this strike.

A DCU student who relies on Irish Rail trains said that the strike would mean he would have to “wake up even earlier than six, and walk across town to get the bus that goes to DCU.” This will increase his journey and meaning he will most likely arrive late to lectures.

Another DCU student said that the strikes “will make it difficult for him to get back to Longford.” He also noted that if he had to leave early to get home he may have to miss the following day’s classes.

Some students whose only way of getting to college is Irish Rail will face more than an increased journey, potentially not being able to attend class during the strike at all.

Another DCU student expressed how difficult it is for students with no other way to get to college. The student said said the strike will “affect her tremendously” because nobody in her family drive which makes it difficult to get a lift instead. She also mentioned how it is her “only way of knowing how to get to college” from where she lives.

Clara Kelly