Wellness Wednesday kicks off in DCU

by Gabija Gataveckaite

University can be a stressful time for students Credit: Tara Shiels

Wellness Wednesdays continued this week with talks on assertiveness and lifestyle coaching on the Glasnevin campus and Katie Gallagher performing on St Patrick’s campus.

The Students’ Union kicked off the new flagship initiative earlier this semester and although it is President Niall Behan’s project, the entire Student Union has been working on it to promote a positive atmosphere on campus.

“We think that anything that can be done to improve the quality of students living and benefit them, in the long run, is worth running,” said Podge Henry, VP for Welfare and Equality.

“This week we had the assertiveness and pathways to success talks. They are to help build self-confidence and be self-assured to empower students in taking control of their future.

“Katie singing is, like it always has been, to set a great atmosphere around the college. She has a fantastic voice and every time she has played, students have found her music well worth listening to. It just makes the place warmer and ups the spirit of those listening,” Henry added.

One of the two talks that took place was ‘Pathways to Success’. This is a four-week length programme ran four times a year by the Student Support and Development department. Deirdre Maloney, who works in the department, gave the talk.

“In an academic setting, [lifestyle] coaching is perfect as it allows students to get the best out of their time at university,” said Maloney.

“I have a background in sport and have been involved in the participation or organisation of sport for most of my life. Life coaching has similar tools and techniques in that it helps a person to reach their goals and potential, increase confidence, motivation and build resilience,” she added.

The Wellness Wednesday initiative was included in Behan’s manifesto when he ran for President and was launched early November. The DCUSU website promises ‘yoga, DCU Student music and loads more’ to come.

“Further down the line, we will have weekly mindfulness talks and as always, we will throw something new into the mix every other week. The Wellness Wednesdays have gotten great feedback and we hope that it will continue, even after out term in office,” Henry added.

Gabija Gataveckaite