Get wiggy with it

Helen O'Neill

With the growing adoration for the Kardashians and the need to keep up with the latest trends, more and more people are turning to wigs to create new looks.

While wigs have been around since the 18th century, the hair trend has recently come back on the scene in a big way. This is thanks to the rise in fame of the young Kylie Jenner. At the age of 20, Kylie’s ever-changing look never fails to spark conversation.

In 2016, Kylie stepped out with bright mint green hair. At a later event, she was sporting a peach hairdo. From a young age, she admitted that she loved to colour her hair but the damage was starting to take its toll. This is when she discovered her ‘wig guy’, Tokyo, and hasn’t looked back since.

Speaking to Marie Claire, Kylie said “I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs. Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night…I just do whatever I want to do and people will follow.”

It’s not just celebs that are keeping up with the trend. Dublin hair and beauty store Hairspray came out with a line of full lace front wigs this year to keep up with the demand, adding the Candy Wig collection to their stores. The shop provides a mixture of styles and colours, with each wig priced at €95 and fitted in store.

The front lace wigs are all made with hand-made caps to provide an invisible hairline and guarantee a comfortable fit on each customer. Hairspray’s website, where you can order the Candy Wigs, also provides a Youtube tutorial outlining how to fit the wigs.

“They’re actually getting more popular now, believe it or not. Girls just want to change their looks and wigs are the way to do it without bleaching your hair” a Hairspray source said.

“People are just not afraid to try new things anymore. It was always something girls wanted to do but now they feel they can because the Kardashians are doing it.”

Previously, wigs were often of poor quality and used just to change a look for a Halloween costume. But people now want wigs for everyday use and are looking for the highest standard they can find.

“Obviously everyone wants the best quality wig you can get and we get a lot of requests because ours are good quality” the Hairspray source said.

It’s clear that Kylie knows the influence she has on her following, which has led to the huge boost in wig culture. Kim Kardashian has also been seen sporting high-end wigs to change both the length and colour of her hair, depending on her outfit and ‘vibe’.

When it comes to the demographic of people buying wigs in Hairspray, the list is diverse. From 16-year-olds to 60-year-olds, wigs have no boundaries.

“There are even a lot of males coming in to look at the wigs. A lot of drag queens, crossdressers, you name it. Everyone is coming in.”

The rise in wig popularity is due to the many celebrities expressing their love for the hair pieces. At the 2015 Met Gala, Katy Perry swapped out her own short black locks for a bright green wig at the after party. Celebrities like Perry, Zendaya and model Coco Rocha are contributing to the change in attitude towards wigs, making them staple accessories.

Lady Gaga stood out over the years for her outrageous looks which were accompanied by equally quirky wigs. As reported by Allure, hairstylist to Gaga, Sam McNight, spoke about the new attitude towards wigs. “It’s as acceptable now as it was in the ‘60s when people used to wear switches all the time and models used to do their own hair and makeup. A wig or hair piece is now an accessory.”

While wigs are now becoming a fashion statement, they are also improving their quality so they can be used to treat hair loss. Hairspray opened Ireland’s first purpose-built wig studio called Hair Club in Donnybrook and Cork for those suffering from hair loss and hair thinning.

The introduction of the wigs to Hairspray’s Henry Street store has seen a lot of people with hair loss and alopecia come in to avail of the new service, something that has got a warm reception in the store.

From the range of colours and styles now available, wigs will have a firm place in this years fashion trends and thanks to celebrity endorsement the wig is the new way to update your look.

Helen O’Neill 

Image Credit: Glamour