From drab to fab

Amy Rohu

From time to time we all get fed up of our look and want to shake things up a bit. It could be because you landed a cool new job, or lost your job, it could be because Kim Kardashian just went blonde and you think you could give her a run for her money or it could just be because you want to try something new.

Whatever the reason, just sit back and evaluate a few things first. We took a look at the pros and cons of a drastic makeover and spoke to a few industry experts so you know exactly what to do next time you get a notion for a makeover.

One of the most iconic makeovers of all time has got to be when Rihanna debuted that bright red hair all those years ago, for her it only lasted a short while, but for us, it became a new staple shade. Every second person was dying their hair that pillar box red and while some girls rocked it, some girls ended up looking a little less Rihanna than they planned. Carol who works in Peter Mark in Dublin city shared a little advice before going for such a dramatic hair change:

“The one thing I always see is girls coming in with pictures of celebrities and wanting to recreate that look, while that’s okay sometimes, sometimes it’s just too hard for us to do in one appointment, plus I think girls need to realise that these celebrities have a huge team of hairdressers and they can manage the up keep.”

She also mentioned how so many celebs rely on wigs nowadays, so most of the time the hair you fall in love with isn’t even theirs in the first place, Kylie Jenner is a huge culprit of this and has been giving us major hair envy for the past few years with her ever changing colours, styles and lengths of hair.

Carol also had this top tip for a quick hair change: “A really basic way to change up your look would be to add a fringe, I know this sounds simple but it’s something you can style in different ways and different types of fringes suit different people so speak to your stylist and find out what works for you, it’s not very drastic but it can really change your look”.

Taylor Swift recently debuted a new look and it’s much more edgy than before, she is a good example of someone who knows what works for her and what doesn’t. Fashion and makeup provide easy ways to experiment and won’t have the lasting effect of a spontaneous face piercing or an undercut. Siobhan who works as a freelance makeup artist thinks a lipstick is a lot more powerful than people think:

“The best way I think someone can change up their look is with their makeup, but in particular lipstick. Whether it’s a liquid lipstick or a gloss, it’s the colour that really perks someone up. If you always go nude try a red and if you always wear red I’d recommend an orange.

“Essense are making unreal formulas at the moment and the colour range is brilliant, plus their usually less than €3, so you could try a mad colour and see how it works for you, it’s all about trying out different things.”

Penneys is one of the best places if you’re looking to try out the latest trend or try a new image. You won’t be out of pocket and they always have up to date key pieces of the season. This season in particular red is everywhere, but instead of forking out €50 on a jumper you’ll only wear once, you can get an equivalent in Penneys for a fraction of the price. It is definitely worth checking out for experimental looks.

One thing noticeable about Taylor is she usually keeps her hair pretty basic and how she likes it, and that’s the best tip when it comes to drastic makeovers, don’t do anything too wild that you can’t just take off or remove with a face wipe. Trying new looks is exciting and is all part of being a student, just remember these tips and you’re sure to be fabulous, whatever look you choose.

Amy Rohu

Image credit: Pinterest