RAG Rumble packs a punch

Conor Breslin

Podge Henry is announced the winner over Vito Moloney Burke Credit:Aaron Harper

Over 450 people attended the Wright Venue on Monday 20th November to witness 15 fights of pure intensity at RAG Rumble, featuring some of St Patrick’s and DCU’s familiar faces.

The thirty competitors, who had prepared and trained for over seven weeks, did not disappoint in the high-level entertainment they produced on the night, even though many had never stepped into a ring before.

The chairman of the Raising and Giving Society Seanie Germaine said, “all the money raised tonight will go towards the social projects that the RAG society has on campus, from cookery classes to working and providing Christmas presents for homeless children”.

The first year from Co. Wicklow said the work provided by the boxing society in running this event was outstanding and it would have never have happened without their commitment and effort. “This could be right up there with the top events of the year, it was unbelievable,” Germaine told The College View.

The main fight featured the rematch between Vito Moloney Burke and VP for Welfare and Equality Podge Henry that was contested at RAG Rumble one year ago. The crowd was not disappointed, screaming “one more round,” at the end of the fight.

Podge Henry walked away the victor by unanimous decision for the second year in a row. “I’m the better fighter but Vito is a better dancer,” Henry joked.

“For the moment I’ll stick to my job at the Student Union, it’s not as tiring,” Henry said.

The fighting didn’t disappoint, with all participants giving everything they had. Gum shields flew out of some fighters’ mouths, and occasionally fights were paused for the fighters to clean their face of blood. The fighter of the night David D’cruz said, “I didn’t realise until I took a shower that I was even bleeding until I saw blood dripping down my body.”

However, some matches ended on a light-hearted note. Shauna Butterly received a birthday cake and a standing ovation after her unanimous victory over Aoife McDermott.

Head of DCU’s Boxing Society Sadhbh Candon summed up the night saying, “it was a fantastic night with very dedicated volunteers and fighters who really got the crowd going”.

Conor Breslin