UCDSU passes new motion on abortion information

The student council passed a motion allowing access to free pregnancy tests and abortion information

UCD Student Council passed motions on handing out free pregnancy tests and abortion information on campus on Tuesday, the 14th of November.

The Welfare Officer now has the responsibility of providing free pregnancy tests. The Campaigns and Communications Officer along with the Students’ Union Communication Team is required to produce and distribute a pamphlet containing abortion information.

“I completely support the idea that UCD has passed. We hand out contraception so I see no reason as to why we should not be there to help those who cannot afford one themselves but who may have had an unplanned pregnancy,” said DCU’s VP for Welfare, Podge Henry.

“I think this is something we will definitely look into after seeing it from UCD’s success,” he added.

Following the impeachment of UCD SU President Katie Ascough, the passing of the motions may be a response to Ascough’s decision to remove abortion information from Winging It handbooks.

“Giving out free pregnancy tests is great, it really de-stigmatises unplanned pregnancy. I wouldn’t be so sure on distribution of abortion information as it’s an illegal act in Ireland,” said UCD student Thomas Matthews.

“The only thing that annoys me is that none of the students knew these motions passed. That exemplifies the way UCD might be run now. I don’t have confidence in the UCDSU now,” he added.

“It’s great for our student body to know we can rely on our student union for help in such potentially emotional and stressful times,” said Faye Helen Butler, a UCD student.

She explained how Ascough let students down. “Abortion rights affect the health and mental health of students, so this is a really great thing for us!”

Here in Glasnevin, DCU student Elayna Keller discussed the importance of free pregnancy tests and the distribution of abortion information.

“It’s more effective to have these things available to students on campus and I think they should be available in DCU.”

Gabija Gataveckaite

Image Credit: Dualstock