Mindhunter is mind-blowing

Aine Conaty

Mindhunter, a new series recently added to the growing pile of shows released by Netflix, has been receiving nothing but praise and it’s no surprise. This show is one of the most interesting and engaging shows out there at the minute. Netflix has been pumping shows out that everyone should watch and Mindhunter is certainly crawling its way to the top of that list.

Mindhunter is about trying to get into the mind of criminals, especially serial killers. Two FBI agents, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), set out to try to get into the mind of these killers. They attempt to hone in on what a serial killer actually is and what makes them kill. They decide the best way to do this is by interviewing the worst of the worst to see what makes them tick.  Their ultimate goal is to be able to predict the actions of serial killers and to easily detect murderers.

This series is one of those series that you don’t have to binge watch in a week like most on Netflix. This is the kind of series that you could leave for a week, and when you come back to watch it you can still be hooked. This series has a similar feel to that of a documentary as it covers everything that happened with these people and the interviews that they conduct. The information that they get from these criminals is shocking and revealing.

The characters in this show are so diverse and complicated that it makes watching the show so much more interesting. While it is primarily about profiling these killers, it also focuses on the agents themselves and their own personal lives. After they interview these killers, their own personalities reflect what they have been discussing with these killers. It makes the killers more dimensional to these agents. You can see how harrowing these interviews are on Trench and Ford and you have to have sympathy for them.

The two main actors in this show are Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany and they are phenomenal. They play the role of these two FBI agents flawlessly. Bill Trench is definitely the quieter and the more serious character out of the two. Holden Ford is very young at the beginning of the show and you can see him going from young and naive to older and more serious as it progresses. Similarly, Hannah Gross, who plays the role of Holden Ford’s girlfriend, gives an excellent performance throughout the show. The relationship between the two is unusual and it’s interesting to see it develop.

Overall, this show is absolutely brilliant. With wonderful performances from all of the actors involved and an interesting plot-line, this show is definitely one to watch and get addicted to. This show gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.