DCU hosts first leg of Irish Submission Grappling League

Hugh Farrell

The Irish Submission Grappling League Trophy on display at DCU. Credit: Irish Submission Grappling League/Facebook

MMA clubs from around the country gathered in DCU to compete in the Irish Submission Grappling League on January 27th.

DCU hosted the event and were well represented by DCU MMA.

The Event saw C-MAC Mulhuddart win with 135 points followed by SBG Tullamore at 127. Shaolin MMA Galway managed 124 points while the Royal Grappling Academy BJJ Dublin and Navan finished on 122 points apiece.

The points breakdown saw a team gaining 1 point for registering, 5 points for a bronze medal, 10 for a silver and 15 for a gold.

Less than one gold medal separated the top four in points with SBG Dublin coming 5th with 71 points.

The tournament was open to experts, intermediates, novices and beginners, with DCU MMA members advancing to the quarter and semi-finals of their respective levels. Competitors could enter more than one division if interested as long as they are not too experienced. Weight classes were divided up into 5 categories.

The concept of sandbagging (entering a division you are too advanced for) was prohibited and in the case of uncertainty, the recommendation was to challenge yourself and attempt the greater difficulty.

The rules of the competition prevented slams, neck cranks, strikes, gouging or small digit manipulation (bending toes or fingers). Specific regulations were put into place for leg-locks depending on the difficulty level being attempted.

Oisin McCabe, who is head coach of DCU MMA, said “DCU MMA was well represented on the day as well as alumni.

“Lots of the clubs members took their first steps in competition which was great to see and we even had a visit from one of martial arts living legends in Carlson Gracie Jr who was visiting Ireland from the US.”

Carlson Gracie JR, of the famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu association, is a legendary figure in the grappling world.

The second leg will take place in the Spring, with two more legs to follow, and for anyone interested in taking part, dates will be announced this week with entry costing 20 euro.

Hugh Farrell

Image Credit: Irish Submission Grappling League/Facebook