Survey finds high satisfaction among Irish students

Megan Conway

Minister O'Connor said that data from the survey was critical when making decisions that affected students

The recent Eurostudent survey will help the government to make decisions that will benefit Irish students, according to Minister for Higher Education. 

Almost 20,000 higher education students responded to the Eurostudent VI survey which was published on January 22nd. It is the sixth report of its kind.

The results showed a high level of satisfaction with the quality of teaching and facilities in higher level institutions in Ireland. Most students surveyed said that they felt like they ‘fit in’ with their university, generally expressing little doubt over their choice of college course.

“It has become increasingly accepted that the student perspective or ‘voice’ is critical to inform sound policy decisions in the higher education field,” said Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’ Connor.

She commended the efforts of the Higher Education Authority and Insight Statistical Consulting for their efforts and attention to detail in the report.

DCU Student Union President, Niall Behan, said “I believe that the partnership between the university and the student union plays a huge factor in student satisfaction”.

Behan said that the Student Union and their events are “an extremely good environment for activating student engagement and actually looking to the satisfaction of all students depending on their different needs”.

The Eurostudent report also showed that most students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them from their institution. Students also generally reported that they would recommend their choice of programme to other students.

Phoebe Davis, a final year student in DCU, recognised the role institutions play in how students experience university life. However, she also noted that it was the student’s responsibility to get involved in activities and events in their universities.

“Students have to put themselves out there and get involved in society life and get involved in everything that DCU has to offer, which is a lot,” she said.

The aim of the Eurostudent survey is to examine the social and economic conditions of student life in higher education systems in Europe. The survey is part of an effort for Ireland to have the best education system in Europe by 2026.

Megan Conway

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