Maynooth first university in Ireland to have ‘napping pods’

By Elsa McEvoy

Maynooth university are the first in the country to have Energy Pods installed in their campus library. Image credit The Irish Times.

Napping pods have been introduced in Maynooth University library allowing students to recharge during the day.

As part of the #ifstudentsdidlibraries campaign, the university is the first in Ireland to introduce Energy Pods in their library to allow students to take 20-minute nap breaks to keep energy levels up while studying.

While these EnergyPods were originally designed for stressful, high pressure work environments in the UK, three of them have made their way into Maynooth University library and are being leased from MetroNaps UK.

They feature a built-in privacy visor as well as a speaker to block out any surrounding noise. The pods also have a timer which is set to go off after 20 minutes.

The idea came from a first-year student, Brian Crinion who received a €1,000 prize for winning the University’s 2017 Library Innovation award.

Crinion outlined the benefits of napping when pitching his idea, as well as quoting research that shows a 20-minute nap is more effective in restoring energy levels than a cup of coffee without the crash that comes with sugar or caffeine.

His idea was inspired by trying to find ways to recharge during the college day between his hectic class schedule, exTtracurricular activities and his long commute home to Co. Meath.

“They’re great to have in the library and I’m proud Maynooth are the first to have something like this,” said first year Arts student in Maynooth, James Smith.

“I think they should be available in all colleges around the country because they really work,” he said.

Crinion is currently studying a BSc in Robotics and Intelligent Devices and when accepting the award, he said it was “amazing” to “have my voice heard as a first year student and to have my idea actually help other students”.

Elsa McEvoy

Image credit: The Irish Times