DCUSU Oifigeach na Gaeilge candidate: Sorcha Ní Chonghaile

By Callum Lavery

Sorcha has big plans for Irish language events across the campuses especially All Hallows and St. Pats campuses.

Sorcha Ní Chonghaile is a first year B.Ed student and one of only two candidates running for the position of Oifigeach na Gaeilge on next year’s DCUSU.

Sorcha’s plans for the year include emphasising the Irish language across all three campuses, ensuring that all motions brought before the Class Rep Council(CRC) have an Irish translation and organising more activities and Irish classes in the first semester, to cater for all students.

Sorcha has been involved with student politics outside of DCU for the past five years, and currently works as the Irish offer for the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU). She believes that her experience makes her a perfect candidate for next years Irish Officer.

“I made a lot of connections, networking, so it will be kind of cool to bring them all into DCU and bring all the experience in here as well.”

Sorcha has big plans for Irish language events across the campuses especially All Hallows and St. Pats campuses. “It would be nice to make them more attractive and I think using the Irish Language would be a good way to go about it.” says Sorcha.

“And also on the main campus I would like to have a few fun events… hopefully the student hub will be done on time to hold our events, but we still need windows and walls” she laughs.

Sorcha want to make sure that all motions before the CRC have an Irish translation: “ especially as this year is Bhliain na Gaeilge I want to show that we are pioneers in promoting the Irish language.”

She thinks that there should be an emphasis on promoting the Irish language from the very start of the year: “I just think it would be nicer if from day one of fresher week there is something going on with the Irish language”

Sorcha wants Irish speakers and non speakers across all levels to get involved in promoting the language and wants to organise Irish classes that cater for the timetables of students: “it would be nice to have classes going from the start of the year, and try to have classes that suits everyone.”

“Instead of having classes at one o’clock in the afternoon maybe have them at five o’clock in the evening. So that, students that finish lectures can come. And students who are post grad that have lectures starting at six can also attend,” Sorcha said.

Sorcha feels that Irish speaking students on the St.Pats campus are catered for quite well… but feels that students on the Glasnevin campus are missing out. “[It] is a shame as the Irish language is one of the most useful languages in Europe at the moment and is currently one of the most employable languages.”

Sorcha remains hopeful that her personal love of the language alongside her commitments to organising events, classes and promoting inter campus inclusion through the Irish language will be enough to establish herself as next years Irish Language Officer.

Callum Lavery

Image credit: Callum Lavery