Imagine Dragons light up the 3 Arena

Shauna Bowers

Credit: Imagine Dragons

The atmosphere of the 3Arena was alight when Imagine Dragons took to the stage on the 26th of February. While their unexpected opening tune ‘I Don’t Know Why’ wouldn’t have been the first guess for the song to kick off a fantastic night of live music, it did exactly as it should have. The raw passion and excitement exuded by Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, left the audience enraptured. The energetic opening only served as a sliver of what the rest of the show would hold.

After the explosion of music, beats, confetti and light of the first song, Reynolds grounded the audience. As he spoke the crowd went silent, absorbing every word he said. His speech was empowering as he spoke about the violence that America has witnessed over the last number of years.

“I love my country and I am tired. I am tired and I am sad,” Reynolds said as the reverberation of a standing ovation filled the air. He thanked everybody who came to see the band for providing him with the opportunity to forget about all of the pain he was felt due to gun violence in the states for an hour or two.

Despite the sobering effect his words had, it didn’t negatively impact the enthusiasm for the next song. ‘It’s Time’ was a befitting choice as the follow up to his speech, tying into the message that Reynolds wanted to get across while still being a crowd pleaser.

Reynolds’ heartfelt words didn’t stop there. He continued his brutal honesty when explaining the meaning behind the emotional song ‘Demons’. Reynolds turned to music when he was 13-years-old due to experiencing depression at a young age. He encouraged people to not shy away from seeking a therapist and wanted them to know that he supported anybody who suffered with depression or anxiety. He said: “You are not broken or lost. I stand with you. I understand your greatness.”

The energy of the show slowed down a little bit when the band took to the smaller stage for a more acoustic vibe. The biggest winner was their rendition of ‘I Bet My Life’ which featured cellos and violas to mix up their classic, powerhouse album version of the indie hit. Reynolds didn’t even have to sing the chorus as the crowd reached a crescendo, drowning out his vocals.

As the foursome returned to the main stage, the unmistakable drum beat of Radioactive was heard. The intensity of the crowd reached a whole new level, which only spurred the lads on even further. It was the song everybody was waiting for and it was well worth the wait.

Between Reynolds’ dance moves, Wayne Sermon’s intricate guitar riffs during ‘I’ll Make it Up To You’ and the steady beats from Daniel Platzman, it was difficult not to enjoy the entire concert. You could actually see just how much the musicians enjoyed the performance. Seeing the bands’ sheer joy of performing made it impossible for everyone else to not enjoy it too.