An introduction to Kiko Cosmetics

Aine Conaty

Kiko cosmetics- never heard of them? Neither had I until quite recently. Kiko is a huge European brand that is yet to hit the Irish market. It is a reasonably priced brand that is also of great quality. It can be purchased in places such as Italy, France and Poland.

Kiko has a huge range of products that you can choose from and each one is of brilliant quality. You can do your full face of makeup using this brand and here we’ve highlighted some of the best products in their range.


The Lip Me Lot Face Highlighter- Shine Bright Gold is something that everyone needs in their life. This is one of those highlighters that will make you glow like the queen that you without making you look ridiculous. The consistency of the product is beautiful and so easy to blend out to make it look completely natural. It will also get you the most compliments you will ever receive for a highlighter. The highlighter is currently on sale on their website for €8.30, so snatch it while it’s hot.

Nail polish

Sometimes when buying cheap nail polish you get what you’re paying for and it isn’t great quality. It can take five coats to get the consistency that you want. However, with their Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer in the shade metallic red, this is not the case. It could take one coat and it will basically cover your nail. However if you like that bold colour, then it’s two coats for you. This product is brilliant and while it may not be the most chip resistant, you could also get a top coat that would ensure a chip-free experience. This is also on sale at the moment on their website for just €1.


Contouring palettes can be quite hit or miss and this is a complete hit. If you like a well-defined cheek bone and a killer jaw line, then this is the product is for you. The texture of the powder is so creamy and is the most easily blended powder out there.  Smart contouring palette is on sale for only €10.40.


And finally their mascara, the 30 days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara. This is probably their weakest product and yet is still very good. This product will make your lashes look like falsies but it can be quite clumpy. An insider tip for getting rid of this problem is to use a clean mascara brush to get rid of any excess clumps that you might have. This product is at full price on their website for €7.90.

Kiko Cosmetics can be purchased here.

Aine Conaty

Image credit:Racked