Wyvern Lingo sing of love and loss on their impressive debut album

Emer Handly

Credit: Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo released their self-titled debut album last month, which has drawn huge attention, and rightly so. It is a brilliant album of groovy and elegant tunes.

The female alt-pop band from Co. Bray consist of best-friends Karen Cowley, Caoimhe Barry and Saoirse Duane.

The trio self-released their first EP – “The Widow Knows” in 2014, which brought them to the attention of Irish independent label Rubyworks. They have toured with James Vincent McMorrow and fellow Bray native Hozier, and a second EP “Letter To Willow” followed in 2016.

The group have described the self-titled record as an exploration of their collective experiences, both as individuals and as friends. This is why the album plays with so much personality.

“We are three individuals whose lives are inextricably linked. We know each other inside and out and can’t lie or fake it in front of each other, so our lyrics are awash with honesty.”

The album opens with Out Of My Hands, a song about someone who doesn’t want to engage in social politics because they dont think they can do anything about the problems. Themes of political and sexual politics reappear on the album – I Love You, Sadie is a gender fluid love song. “You know my history, at a time I might have been paranoid. When I was just a little girl wanted to be a little boy.”

There are touches of nineties neo soul in the passionate, jazzy Maybe It’s My Nature and the smooth, slow-paced Snow ||.

Crawl delves deep into the heartache of a relationship that ended badly and the struggle to find closure afterwards. Used also discusses a toxic lover whose actions won’t hurt her because she’s already numb.

Tell Him is performed with the same brutal honesty as Hozier’s Take Me To Church. The song draws you in and then surprises you with Saoirse Duane’s striking guitars for the chorus.

Fountains is an ode to missing a lover who has moved on. It has a catchy rythme that will have you swaying while thinking back to a lost love. “But now you’re gone, ’cause you want someone else, and I’m left here in the dark with no possible sign of light”.

Fear, Subside and When I Can (Rubbish) make a great end to a great album. The vocals and harmonies throughout the album are just sensational.

“Music is the glue that helped Wyvern Lingo stick together. Originally bonding over hand-me-down albums by Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel; then starting their own thread of music,” said the band on their website, and this certainly shines through on the album.

Wyvern Lingo’s debut album is a beautiful tribute to all things personal, emotional and political. It is a sensual, soulful, beat-driven mix that successfully combines R&B, folk, indie, and pop. Wyvern Lingo have taken their time to craft themselves into something unique and it has paid off.

The trio are touring the album from March to September.