DCU’s Kotchaphan Mai-on to represent Ireland in World Classic Powerlifting Championships

DCU student Kotchaphan Mai-on has been selected to represent Ireland in the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Calgary, Canada from the 5th to the 17th June.

She holds nine national records, with five in the Junior (18-23 years) category and four in the Open (23 years and over) category, all of which she broke in her last competition, the 2018 Irish National Powerlifting Championships, in February.
The Applied Language and Translation studies student also goes by the name Pla.
“It’s my first big competition but I am hoping I can hold my own against these strong girls, if I can get a place on the podium even better,” Mai-on said.
Mai-on is the strongest female in the country under 47kg, with a total of 275kg between her deadlift record of 120.5kg, a squat record of 80.5kg and a bench record of 60kg.
She is in her final year specialising in German and Japanese and is also training hard under Jay Farrant, the Head Coach of the Irish National Squad, as well as James O’Brien.
“When she first started two years ago she was unable to lift the barbell, but now she is deadlifting almost triple her body-weight,” said James O’Brien, DCU Powerlifting Club.
Her next competition is the Irish Powerlifting Federation University Championships on 14th April in ABS gym Glasnevin.
She hopes to break her bench record by 5kg and her total by 20kg.
Powerlifting is a competitive sport involving the barbell squat, bench press and deadlift. Three attempts are given to produce the heaviest lift possible each event during competitions. The strongest lift from each category is added together for a total score. The winner is decided from the highest total score.
Roise McGagh
Image Credit: No Lift Powerlifting