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Clara Kelly

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With festival season coming up in only a few months, it’s that time to shop until you drop and stock up on all those summer staples and festival must-haves, yet again.

With festivals such as Electric Picnic and Longitude releasing line ups hotter than the Irish summer weather this year, it’s only fair you find an outfit just as hot. Luckily, between the shops of Dublin and online shopping you can do just that and find some amazing hidden gems and high-street fabulousness that is sure to have you festival ready in no time.

The Bum-bag

The first must have this season that is sure to jazz up your festival wardrobe whilst still being super practical, is the fanny pack. With everyone from Kendall Jenner to A.S.A.P Rocky rocking this trend this year, this retro wardrobe essential is back with a swing and shows no sign of disappearing from the scene anytime soon. You can cop incredibly cute leather designer bum-bag dupes online at Forever 21 for only nine euro, or in your nearest Penney’s store for the same price. They also have some amazing out-there ones in Topshop, if you’re willing to shell out a little more cash. It’s not only super practical when dancing at festivals but cute and cheap too, what’s not to love.


If you’re looking to really stand out this festival season without breaking the bank, mesh is for sure the way to go.  An amazing shop to get all your wild and bright festival clothes at a relatively low price is fresh in temple bar, it stocks thrasher t-shirts ,mesh crop tops and even feathered bras, meaning anything you want for your festival wardrobe, they have. Their mesh crop tops come in a bunch of different colours and are 20euro each, while their matching mesh shorts are only €12.

Wild Bralettes

This festival season is all about a fresh take on a classic festival trend, the bralette. Throw away that boring lace bralette and switch it up for a more funky take. From diamante bras, to feather bras, there are too many options to keep it simple.  The typical feather bra goes for roughly €40 in shops like fresh or online stores such as Etsy, the stunning and eye-catching look is worth spending a little extra. And if you’re looking to channel your inner Rihanna, you can get a diamante bra so bright it will make sure all eyes are on you, online at Missguided for €21.


A cute swimsuit is multi-purpose for the summer season, swimwear is not just for swimming anymore. Penney’s currently has some bright and colourful one piece swimsuits for €14 and bikinis for as low as five, paired with shorts this makes a super casual and cute festival vibe. For the guys you can also go with this look and get some bright swim shorts in Penney’s for as low as €7. Places like JD or Lifestyle can get some fabulous bright branded ones for €20.

The Rain Coat

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as much as we would all like to believe the weather will be all sunshine and heat throughout festival season, anyone who lives in Ireland knows otherwise. A good rain coat is necessary when the weather is that unpredictable, but who says a practical item can’t be a stylish one too. If you’re looking to find a way to keep showing off your outfit while still keeping dry, go with a transparent see through rain coat. They have some for roughly €30 in New Look or for €8 online at AliExpress if you’re willing to wait a while for the coat to be delivered. Or alternatively, you can embrace the raincoat look and grab a bright and colourful one in Penney’s or New Look for €20 to €30.

Hawaiian or floral shirts

This festival trend is one for the fellas, although an oversized Hawaiian shirt is a look many girls could and should rock to add a little flare to their festival outfit. A Hawaiian or floral shirt is a great way too add a little something to a boring festival outfit and a good way to add a little personality to an otherwise basic outfit. You can find some in most shops such as river island, Penney’s or Topman, ranging in prices depending on where you look. However, you can also find some for under €10 in many vintage or second hand shops, like Siopaella in Temple Bar.

So this festival season, whether you’re looking to keep it low key and casual or catch everyone’s attention, there’s plenty of practical and fashionable options right at your fingertips, so go forth and slay!

Clara Kelly

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