Hudson Taylor “Feel it Again” at the Olympia

Caitlin Laird

Hudson Taylor was greeted to a sold out gig at the Olympia Theatre on the 28th of March in Dublin.

Hudson Taylor is an Irish folk duo that is made up of two brothers, Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor who are from Dublin. They formed as a duo in 2011 and have been travelling around doing small and big gigs to anyone who loves a bit of folk music that they can sing, dance and clap along to. They are currently travelling around Europe on tour promoting their new album ‘Feel it Again’.

They opened the show with ‘Care’ a song from their previous album ‘Singing for Strangers’. The crowd erupted immediately and started singing along word for word to that all too familiar song any long-term fan would know off by heart.

They went on to then sing ‘Easy Baby’ from their new album. This is a really chilled song that got everyone swaying along to it and it also related to many that would have been in relationships and finally seen that they never needed that person that only ever brought them down or strung them along. “Cause being with you baby/ Was like seeing the same movie/ The ending never seems to change”.

The show was a mixture of going from the old album to the new one and everyone who was either long-term fans or was new to their music didn’t take their eyes off them from start to finish. The duo couldn’t help but look around the sold out theatre in their hometown in awe of everyone singing along to their songs and enjoying it just as much as they were. It was a proud moment for the brothers always to be remembered.

The duo also sang ‘Don’t Tell Me’, another song from their old album. This got the crowd riled up as it screams the message that nobody can tell you how to live your life or stop you from being who you want to be. “Stand up to the people who hate/ Stand up if you’re feeling afraid/ Stand up if you’re feeling alone”. They got the crowd involved to sing along while they played their guitars and tambourines to the beat.

Hudson Taylor’s stage prep is simple but is always enough. They have their drummer, another guitar player, a violinist and pianist. They also brought along their sister Holly who sang backing in their songs and was also brought to the forefront in an intimate song with her brothers that brought the Olympia Theatre to a standstill.

The very famous solo artist Gabrielle Aplin also made an appearance and sang backing in ‘Old Soul’ from their new album. It was a great surprise that everyone enjoyed.

The duo teased the crowd as they said it was their last song and left the stage only to come back and sing the very popular ‘Feel It Again’ off their new album.  This topped off a great ending to an amazing show that nobody could forget.

Caitlin Laird

Image  Credit: Rubywork Records