Lads’s essential summer wardrobe guide

David Kelly

Image Credit: Róise Mc Gagh

It’s time to ditch the wool and fur for something lighter, something that shows off a bit of skin, something that makes you look good when the sun is shining, and the endorphins are flowing. Almost everyone feels better in the sun, but the trick is to look better.

To accomplish this, I spoke to four of DCU’s most fashionable men to get their expert advice on how to dress to impress this summer.

First up we have the party icon of Hampstead, DJ Cian Charlton. Not only can Cian mix fire in the club, his sense of style is also pretty lit. Even in the darkness of Hanger, Cian’s dashing outfits stand out.

“I think that lads should really rock some slick Gucci, Tommy Hillfiger sliders anyways. With some funky socks. Nothing better. Hollister T-shirt’s all the way. While wearing Ralphy polos make sure you’ve all the buttons open and the collar up. Collar up is ESSENTIAL. I’m loving the new Mayo and Donegal half zips these days. The new line is class.  A watch is essential, accessories are a must get yourself a nice watch. Spend the money it’s worth it. Armani have a sick new range out and Michael Koors is a safe bet for less than €350. A baseball cap is always a shout, forwards. Not backwards please. A bright stand out colour is best. Pink, light green or, baby blue are nice summer colours! A solid denim jacket is great for the cooler evenings in the beer gardens, get one. River Island have nice ones for less than 100!”

If you’re willing to splash out on some of Cian’s suggestions, Brown Thomas has a selection of shoes ranging from extravagant Gucci, to a more humble Nike. The store also sells Ralph Lauren polos starting at €39.95. River Island also has a lovely denim jacket for €60. Hollister also tees bursting with summer colours for as low as €22.

Our next advisor is an absolute fashion connoisseur/multimedia student; Brendan Lynch, more commonly known simply as ‘B’. Brendan is perhaps the most stylish bogger to every grace DCU, bringing with him from Offaly ancient wisdom from the nature’s wardrobe; the bog.

“The essential summer wardrobe for men should have a good mix between minimal and patterned. Plain t-shirts and denim or black shorts for the casual times. Silk or linen flowy shirts with long chains for the dressy times and a cool pair of light trainers or Birkenstocks can be interchanged where you see fit. Having a few different pairs of sunglasses to wear never hurts too.”

H&M have a very affordable selection of summer clear, with denim shorts from €22.99, to short-sleeved resort shirts to match from €19.99. Check out their website for new arrivals for the summer months.

Next we have the gorgeous Craig Shaaban. Craig is arguably the best-looking student to come out of journalism in decades and it’s no wonder why. When Craig isn’t wooing ladies in the Henry Gratten, he can be found working as a brand specialist at Calvin Klein.

“The classic jean shorts and a white tee is a must this summer as brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are bringing back the classic American look pioneered by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean. Dress it up with an open short sleeve shirt or dress it down with a cap.”

You can check out Calvin Klein’s website to find regular white tees from €29.90. Tommy Hilfiger is selling shorts from €69.90 on their website, to finish off the look.

Finally we have Rory Martin, a first-year student doing general entry science. Not only is Rory able to concoct some scientific marvel in the lab, he can also create wonders in the wardrobe.

“I wouldn’t consider myself much of a fashionista, but I always found it particularly difficult to dress for the Irish summer. When the weather can, and often does, change from dazzling sunshine to pouring rainfall within an hour, it can be challenging to assemble an outfit which is suitable for all conditions. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to stock up on short/hoody combos as from my experience, a snazzy hoody with a pair of shorts is the best way to keep hypothermia at bay while still providing those crucial ‘summer vibes’.”

You can pick up some light Red Herring hoodies from Debenhams for €35, with some Red Herring beach cargo shorts to match for €45, the perfect mix of warm and summer.

There you have it! A plethora of diverse opinions on how to stand out this summer. If you can’t create a decent outfit after reading this, then I think it may be too late for you.

David Kelly