DCUSU Irish Officer denies allegations of misconduct

Cáit Caden

Image Credit: Repealthe8th.jpg

DCUSU’s newly elected Irish Language Officer, Sorcha Ní Chonghaile  has denied allegations that she tore down posters promoting DCU’s Repeal launch last year.

Documents released anonymously to The College View contained screenshots of messages Ní Chonghaile sent into a group called ‘Prolife Dcu.’

“I pulled down like 5 posters about the repeal launch walking around campus today,” said Ní Chonghaile in one of the messages.

Sorcha Ni Chonghaile messages into ‘Prolife Dcu’ groupchat.

“Like I’ll be murdered (laughing face emoji) esp running in SU but sure look it’s all in the name of ruining their event,” wrote Ní Chonghaile in another message into the group chat.

DCU adopted a pro-choice stance leading up to the referendum on repealing the 8th Amendment after students in the University voted for DCU to represent them in that way. The Repeal launch was prior to the SU election where Ní Chonghaile  ran for her role opposed by Ciara Doyle.

When contacted Ní Chonghaile initially said that she “made an off tasting joke in a group chat about a poster being unstamped that was taken down.” She continued to say: “I refute any accusations of me tearing down posters.”

Ní Chonghaile said that she “did make an off tasting joke after a couple drinks and have little recollection of it but no did not pull down posters…”

Ní Chonghaile also said in the group that she “left half of them. Just thought it looked sh@tty the amount of them pulled up together. No one will notice like.”

Another member of the chat said that Ní Chonghaile taking down posters would “make the Pro life movement look bad” and to make sure she did not get caught.    

“Discreetly, I’m not stupid. I’ll have to conform to the mandate if I’m voted in,” replied Ní Chonghaile.

Messages sent by Sorcha Ni Chonghaile given to The College View.

Present SU members were not made aware of the messages however a message left with the screenshots said the sharer would be contacting SU members about the issue.

“I know nothing about the issue and haven’t received any emails about it,” said Aisling Fagan, DCUSU VP for Equality and Welfare for 2018/2019.

Sorcha Ní Chonghaile released a final statement in relation to her comments in the groupchat:

“All comments have been taken out of context. I have never maliciously sought to cause offence to any student in my previous endeavours prior to my election onto the SU nor have I ever taken any action that would physically prevent free speech as has been insinuated. All accusations based on sent images are false and out of context as it was a private group between friends where comments were made in jest alone in a private setting.”

By Cáit Caden