How to: avoid being the sweaty mess after your gym sesh

Sonja Tutty

Whether you are trying to squeeze in a conditioning session before your 8am lecture or attempting a weight class in your one-hour break, it’s important not to walk into class afterwards looking like a sweaty mess.

For the sake of those around you and maybe even for your own dignity, there’s a few quick and easy ways to avoid looking like a sweaty gym rat to pulling of the diligent student look.

Towards the end of your gym session, always include a few minutes of cool down. This gives your body a bit of time to work on dropping your body temperature and regaining a bit of energy to get you to your classes.

Now in the locker room, your first option is always to hop in the shower and if you have the time or ability to wash and dry your hair, go for it. Sticky and wet hair in a destroyed ponytail won’t convince a teacher you were in a study group in the library.

But not to worry, if you can’t wash your hair just get a quick bodywash and dry off. If your hair is an absolute mess, try drying it off with a towel and throw in some dry shampoo. Make sure to give it a brush as well to remove any knots, then see if your hair is more presentable tied up, left down, or even throw it in a braid. Don’t stress if you haven’t had any time to shower, just dry off with a towel anyways to get rid of as much sweat as possible. Remember, whether you showered or didn’t always throw on deodorant. Body odour occurs over time so even if you don’t smell bad now, you most likely will in your next class.

On another note, if you get red faced after your workout splash some cold water on your face or use a cooling moisturizer. The redness comes from your increased blood flow as your body tries to bring down your internal temperature, so cold water or other products can speed that up. Otherwise you can throw some makeup on top to hide the redness.

Now, one of the most important steps here is to change your outfit completely. That means changing your sports bra, spandex, and socks. Removing as much sweaty material is absolutely key to avoiding body odour and discomfort in your 2-hour lecture or your 4-hour lab. So, swap your Gym Shark and Lulu Lemons for a pair of jeans, and trade your Nike runners for some vans or converse.

And lastly, put on some jewellery. A necklace or a nice pair of earrings gives the appearance that you spent a lot of time working on your outfit, rather than the 15-minute rush it truly was. And now, as a studious and stylish looking student, ditch the sports bag in a locker or minimise your gym gear to fit in a large handbag or backpack. You finished your workout, so no need to lug around a sport bag packed with shoes and old gym laundry, along with your bag of books and your laptop.

Making sure to squeeze in some exercise into your busy college schedule is important, and by taking on a few of these tips you can push yourself in the gym without worrying about sweat stains or greasy hair in your next class.

Sonja Tutty

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