Beauty Buzz: L.A. Girl Pro.Coverage’ Foundation Review

Caitlin Laird

The latest product out that seems to be catching the eye of many girls and beauty bloggers is the ‘LA Girl Pro Coverage’ foundation.

Even though foundation only came out in Ireland this year, everyone seems to have it or want it.

This foundation has 16 different shades and over twenty concealers to choose from. It is very affordable which is great as young girls wanting to try out foundations can easily get it in their local pharmacy whenever they want and know they are getting something good at a fair price. The foundation itself ranges from ten to thirteen euro depending on where you buy it and the concealers are €5.50 each. The packaging is very basic. It comes in a clear bottle with a pump which is already good as the pumps are the handiest to get the right amount of foundation out without using up too much.

With so many different shades to choose from it gives girls the chance to see what really suits their skin the best. When getting this foundation I bought the ‘nude beige’ shade. This shade I noticed was too dark for my skin tone. I then bought the ‘fair’ shade which was the best match. The ‘fair’ shade is the right shade if you are quite pale and want something that will give you a bit of a tan glow but not too dark so you don’t feel like you look orange compared to the rest of your body.

When talking to girls who have the foundation most of them used the ‘fair’ shade as an everyday look and when they were wearing tan they would use the ‘nude beige’ shade as it best suited that look. As you go up the scale on the shades they can suit whatever skin tone and also match whatever tan you may put on.

As I usually used the ‘Mac’ NC15 foundation I was quite skeptical to try the LA Girl foundation. MAC was my go-to makeup product for so long but when I heard many people talking about this I knew I had to try it out.

With this foundation, there are more positives than negatives. When applying it I realised it was quite easy to blend. Usually, my skin would be quite dry and I have noticed with other cheap foundations I have used that they wouldn’t blend well but the LA Girl foundation glided well on my face.  It is a lightweight foundation so when applying it is quite runny.

Even when I went on to do my whole beauty routine with applying concealer, powder and also contouring powder I was quite pleased that it all seemed to sit really well on my face. There were no patches on my face in places where I would usually see them due to my dry skin.

This foundation is also very long lasting. I noticed that when I would apply it in the morning before going to work it would still have very good coverage by the evening time. I could still see that it had a good colour on my face. I thought this was very good as you could go on out and do whatever else you wanted without feeling like you would have to redo it all again.

The only negative I would say about this foundation is that after having it on for a long period of time it would get a bit oily in places but not enough to completely put you off it.

When talking to local beauty artist Charlene Green from my hometown of Buncrana in County Donegal she also had a lot of good things to say about the foundation. “I would definitely approve of this foundation, love the colour tones and coverage and the price,” said Charlene. She also agreed that it worked better for people with dry skin more so than oily skin.

This foundation overall is a very good buy whether you would only wear it as your everyday look or as a going-out look. It is very dependable and for the price, I don’t think you could get any better. I would definitely recommend this product to people who are looking to try out a new foundation, especially for people with dry skin who are finding it hard to get something that blends well. I would rate this foundation a nine out of ten based on my own impression of it.

Caitlin Laird

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