Student involved in racially motivated attack

Clara Kelly

Luas on O'Connell Street. Image Credit: Alison Clair

A GoFundMe campaign was launched a for student hospitalised with a fractured skull after an  alleged racist attack on the Luas at the Goldenbridge stop in Dublin at 11.30pm on September 16th.

Paul Sande, a Dorset College student from Malawi, said he was punched “straight in my eye,” and that the assault “came out of nowhere” and “shocked” him.

“There was this person on the Luas provoking people, saying there is a kid catcher,” Sande told One man then “got annoyed by that” and punched him “for no reason at all.”

Mr Sande stated that he was punched because he is black and “thought it was easy,” instead of finding out who was provoking people and confronting them.

“I have never experienced a thing like that since l have been here in Ireland from 2012,” Sande told The College View.

‘‘I can say it was racially motivated because where l was standing there was also another man,” said Sande who added that the other man was completely ignored while he was targeted.

Sande stated he had a headset on at the time before he was attacked and that while he was on the Luas his assailant did punch him because of his skin. After the incident, Mr Sande said he later “got off the Red Cow Luas stop and called for an ambulance’’ which took him to Tallaght Hospital.

According to the Gardaí, investigations are ongoing. Sande’s sister referred to the attack as “racially motivated,” and started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her brother’s hospital bills and rent as he is on a student visa and cannot get government aid while recovering.

The GoFundMe states: “He can’t work while he is recovering” and “I am trying to raise money to help him pay rent and bills for two months while he recovers.”

The campaign is now €50 away from its target of €2000. When asked if this incident affected his mental health he said yes ‘’because now I’m not as l used to be’’ and that he has missed school for two weeks.

“If I’m outside I’m so fearful and don’t talk to people,” added Sande.

Clara Kelly

Image Credit: Alison Clair