UCD staff divided over €14m staff club

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The proposed staff club in UCD's main purpose is said to be an investment into other projects on the campus.

Divisions have emerged in UCD between staff and students over the building of a private staff club costing €14 million on campus. 

The club was given approval by UCD’s governing authority in December and will not be open for student use. The club is expected to be used for a clubhouse and restaurant for academics, alumni and visitors.

The cost of this new development will cost €14 million and is expected to be completed by April 2019, and is set have a view overlooking the main campus.

Although the development is going ahead, many academics and members of UCD’s Students’ Union objected to this venture, with the governing authority board voting on it. The board voted 21 votes to 10 in favour of the development, giving it approval to go through.

The club will be two storeys tall, offering “fine dining” of a “high quality” for “small- and large-scale university and corporate member events”, according to documents as part of the planning application that was submitted.

There has been much opposition against this construction by students and the UCD Students’ Union, with the president of the Students’ Union, Barry Murphy, stating that he was “firmly against” the club.

“The new building was given priority over more critically needed services and facilities for UCD students,” Murphy said.

Murphy also believes that the majority of students would be completely against the building of this club. He The College View that the purpose for this new investment is believed to built in order to get funding to able them to build and expand the campus for students.

“The use of these UCD resources are catering for staff and not students,” said Murphy.

Murphy also said that there were a number of UCD student buildings that are in need of refurbishment such as the student library and the Newman building, UCD’s oldest building.

There has been some arguments among staff also against the building of this staff club, with Murphy stating that a petition has been passed around among staff in order to protest its construction.

The defence for its construction is said to be an initiative to gain money and increase funding for other campus buildings.

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Image credit: flickr