Turn simple into stylish in minutes

Clara Kelly

With college and cold weather around the corner, it’s time to revamp that winter wardrobe, with accessories that won’t break too heavily into that student budget.

There are a few key pieces that everyone should have in there winter wardrobe to take any basic outfit from drab to fab, especially when rushing to class.  Accessories are the way to turn any outfit from simple to stylish in just a few easy steps.

The first and probably most quintessential accessory for this season is a statement belt. A good belt can do wonders for a simple outfit, a pair of baggy mom jeans and ill-fitting t-shirt suddenly becomes a winter staple by simply adding a fun belt. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either, with good dupes of designer belts available in nearly every high street store for usually no more than €15 euro. Think bold gold and black leather when looking for belts that will bring new life to any outfit.

Another cheap accessory that has the power to make any outfit look instantly better is a new bag. And with classes starting, now is the perfect time to purchase a new bag and fashionable doesn’t always have to mean unaffordable, with so many variations of bags on trend this season, it’s hard to miss the mark. From the bum-bags we saw popularised through summer looking set to stay and cool backpacks and handbags readily available in your local Penneys, some for less than the cost of your next drink at ‘Shite Night’.

If you’re really feeling creative, you could make your outfit stand out with statement jewellery, think faux gold, layered chains and rings that we’ve already seen a lot of this season, and if they happen to coordinate with the bag and belt, even better. You can pick up some adorable and affordable ones in most places, especially ‘new look’ which has some great ones for only seven euro.

With Ireland’s unpredictable weather and the inevitable cold snap looming, jackets are going to be not only important to keep warm but to also look good while doing it. A coat can make any boring outfit better in seconds and is the perfect way to jazz up your winter wardrobe. From big furry showstoppers to the denim ,bubble and leather jackets that look good with any outfit, a fabulous coat is the only sure fire way to have you looking and feeling hot, all winter long. You can find practically any option in stores such as Penneys, New Look or River Island at relatively affordable prices depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Although they might be a bit on the more expensive side of this list of accessories, a quality coat not only lasts ages but is also a quality investment that will have you looking chic all season.

A funky hat is always an amazing idea, and  the perfect way to jazz up an outfit without spending a fortune, you could get a fun patterned hat on the high street or a vintage option, either one for less than a tenner in most shops. Whether you’re looking for a basic wooly hat, cap, bucket hat or beret, hats are not only a big trend this season but always look fantastic. They are the perfect way to add something simple to an outfit to keep you toasty this season without having to break the bank.

Shoes, right now it’s all about the shoes, most young people now are willing to spend a lot to keep on top of the latest shoe trends, and although some stylish runners definitely add a lot to an outfit . You can get some fantastic dupes of these designer shoes in places like Zara or online stores like Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Thing without shelling out the extreme amounts of cash for some Balenciagas that will ultimately be swapped out for a new trend in a mere few months time. When budgeting as a student, but still wanting to look on trend, a Topshop dupe is expensive enough as is, although definitely worth the splurge to keep your college outfits comfortable and glam.

The final low budget accessories that jazz up even the most simplistic of outfits, are scarves and gloves. With storm season already starting cute gloves, scarves and hats are the easiest way to not only stay warm but look both cosy and cute while doing it. You can stay away from the basic wooly variation and try some leather, material or colour variations to add that little extra something too and can also be found all over the high streets.

With affordable price tags and chic design, accessories are the key to keeping your wardrobe looking fun and fresh all season.

Clara Kelly

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