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Lorna Lawless

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter has just been released into Penny’s and nationwide and her followers couldn’t be more excited for the highly anticipated cosmetic line launch. Lifestyle Editor Lorna Lawless gives us her thoughts.

However the Cocoa Brown owner didn’t just bring a few products to her new cosmetic brand , she released 103 products in total, all in one go. The makeup line ranges in price from €3.95-€14.95 so it really is an affordable price point especially for students who don’t want to spend a fortune on top of the line makeup products but still get quality. We wanted to suss out whether this new range was worth all the fuss and if it lived up to Cocoa Brown fans expectations.

This review includes three products from the range: HD Full measure foundation, Half-Measure Dewy foundation and the steadfast liquid liner pen. The packaging on these products is mainly lilac themed which is eye-catching and very cute. This is totally different branding from the Cocoa Brown look.


HD Full Measure Foundation


This foundation does everything it says on the tin, it provides flawless full coverage with a matte finish which is perfect for a special occasion or night out. Thankfully the range comes in loads of different shades, more than your regular drugstore foundation so whether you need very very pale or very dark foundation there is a certainly a shade for you. It is to be noted that this is quite a heavy foundation so if you are looking for a dewy look this wouldn’t be recommended for you. It stayed on all day and only at the end of the day it might need to be powdered up.Generally the consistency of it quite powdery so sometimes you wouldn’t even need a setting powder on application. It definitely gets an 8/10 rating.

Half-Measure Dewy Foundation


When you open the product you immediately notice the unique droplet applicator which proves very effective. This foundation is designed for lightweight coverage and it definitely is. The dropper makes sure you don’t squirt too much out of the bottle giving you the ideal amount for a dewy finish. It is important to note that this foundation does not last near as long to the Full Measure one, however it is a lot lighter on the face therefore can be rubbed off a lot easier. This foundation gives you a gorgeous glow perfect for just day to day at college. It does it jobs well but it could last slightly longer but it is difficult to find a dewy foundation which lasting power. If you have oily skin it would be recommended you choose the HD Full Measure to get lasting power. This foundation rates 7/10. 


Steadfast Liquid Liner Pen


This eyeliner is impressive for the price point. It is extremely waterproof and it does not budge at all. It creates a smooth line and even if you are not confident in cat line flicks this pen would make it very easy with it’s pointy nib. This will definitely replace any other liquid liner you have being such good value and just great quality. This liner is a makeup bag essential and it rates 9/10.


This range will rock other high-street brands without a doubt. Marissa created quality products at a great price point and it is widely available. You can buy the products .

Lorna Lawless

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