DCU society disbanded due to lack of venue

James Nolan

The society was offered a space for two pool tables on the St. Patrick’s campus, but McGuirk said they ultimately declined the space .

DCU Pool and Snooker Society have been forced to cease their operations for the coming year due to being unable to find a venue.

The society, who received 110 sign ups at the recent Clubs and Socs Fair, will be refunding all €4 registration fees on October 17th.

Chairperson of the society, John McGuirk, feels that it is a great shame the society has to cease to exist as it will deprive pool and snooker enthusiasts of a platform to freely play within the university.

“It is a real pity that the society has to come to a stop. It may be a niche interest, but there is still a lot of people out there who would love to play pool in their free time and to unwind in between classes.”

“I know there are two tables in Nubar but in there you have to pay four euro for four games, but with our society you can pay four euro for a year of free pool”, added McGuirk.

The society previously held their events in the old Hub before the building was closed for renovations. However, they were also left without a venue during the 2017/18 academic year, taking part in numerous intervarsities to keep the society active.

“We didn’t have a venue last year either. We were relying on intervarsity participation to keep people interested, in the hope that we would be given a venue this year.”

“We were under the illusion that there would be a games room in the new student centre as the idea was previously touted by clubs and socs. However, when we approached them on the issue this year they told us the idea had been scrapped due to insufficient funding,” said McGuirk.

The society was offered a space for two pool tables on the St. Patrick’s campus, but McGuirk said they ultimately declined the space as the club had very few members down in Pats and it would take away from the leisurely feel of playing pool in DCU.

“We were offered a place in Pats but we turned it down because it would take from the leisurely feel. There is a new student centre with many rooms, with lots of space, I don’t understand how we can’t be accommodated somewhere in there.”

“Unfortunately, with many of the committee in final year, this setback likely spells the end for the society in DCU,” concluded McGuirk.

The society’s SLC (Society Life Committee) rep, Donal Corrigan, believes what has happened is a real shame, but they are not ready to give up the search for a solution.

“I think it’s a real shame what has happened to them. I have been speaking to Clubs and Socs and they said they are working on a solution, whether it be finding a space on campus or facilitating for them to practice off campus,” said Corrigan.

The Clubs and Socs office did not respond when contacted for a comment on the issue.

James Nolan

Image Credit: DCU Pool and Snooker Facebook