DCU Powerchair Club make European Champions Cup

Ian Brennan

DCU Storm Powerchair FC represented DCU at the European Powerchair Football Association Champions Cup this week in Denmark.

DCU Storm were drawn in a tough Group A alongside hosts, Aarhus Rolling Devils, Northern Thunder from England and two French teams, Les Egles de Vevay and current World Champions Auch.

Meanwhile in Group B, Midlands United, also representing Ireland, were joined by Aspire from England, FC Inter from Finland, Grafteaux of France and from the host country, BSF.

This is DCU Storm’s second appearance in the championships, having participated in 2016 as well, where they were also held in Denmark.

Aoife McNicholl was a part of that team in 2016. She tells at how important that event was for the team. “For the DCU team, it was our first ever experience playing internationally.“

“We would have learned a lot from that event, just even getting to play top quality sides from England, France, like I say, France are World Champions.”

“Just getting that exposure and experience and I suppose, lifting our game as well to try and match that for this tournament. So, in terms of that it was really useful and just coming back and seeing where we did well and maybe where we didn’t do so well and how we can improve this and that.”

McNicholl feels the team’s preparations are going well. “So far, so good. We’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours in training and preparing for the tournament.”

“We had two league matches there last weekend and we won both comfortably, so I suppose that was good preparation for us moving into next week.”

The psychology student acknowledges how difficult a test the group stage will be, however.

“In our group, the English and French sides would be quite good, especially the French team, they’re the current World Champions. They have three players from the French team that won the last World Cup as well.”

The other Irish team in the tournament, Midlands United, fell victim to a DCU Storm team that won the League last year whilst not losing a single game. McNicholl knows that a possible meeting in Denmark would be a good game.

“Ah yeah, we played them through last year, we haven’t actually played them yet, this year. The games are always competitive, I suppose we’ve come out on top the last number of matches that we’ve played against them.”

“There is always that bit of rivalry between the two of us. But yeah, look, if we do meet them in Denmark, I’m sure it’ll be a competitive game and hopefully we’ll come out on top.”

The Champions Cup kicks off in Hou, Denmark on the 15th of October and concludes on the 17th. Results were not available at time of print.

Ian Brennan

Image Credit: DCU Storm PFC/Facebook.