Review: A Simple Favour

Sarah Barrett

A Simple Favour came out in September

From the director of “Bridesmaids”, Paul Feig. This neo-noir comedy thriller is an adaption of the novel of the same name by Darcey Bell. Filled with a rollercoaster of thrill and emotion with many twists and turns that leaves it’s audience wanting more.

The two female lead characters are complete opposites yet make the best friends. Anna Kendrick plays the annoying cup-cake mother Stephanie, who goes the extra mile with school activities and is always the parent with the best brownies at the school bake sale. But she is not as clean cut and as goody-goody as when we first meet her.

Blake Lively character is sophisticated PR Fashion Director “Emily” who works in a fragrance company in the big city. A confident blonde with a love for martinis after a hard days’ work of living her best life. Both of their children are in the same class, the two-cross paths after Emily’s son insists on having a play-date after school. Emily living a bustling lifestyle of glamour, tries not to give into her son’s demand but falls short when he gets his own way.

Stephanie goes to Emily’s house to spend the afternoon having martinis and gifts Emily a friend ship bracelet. After a call from Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son because of an urgent matter at work. A few hours into the play date suddenly Emily never picks up her son, disappears and Stephanie takes to her blog and airs her concern for Emily’s disappearance. She calls into Emily’s workplace and is greeted by her flamboyant CEO who doesn’t offer a valid explanation for Emily’s disappearance. Stephanie is confused as to why Emily would just up and leave for Miami without telling her. How can you pick up your new best friend’s son as a simple favour?

The film is reminiscent of the thriller “Gone Girl” and has enough to fill viewers expectations. Emily won’t answer Stephanie’s calls or text messages so Stephanie takes to her blog to begin investigating Emily’s sudden disappearance. The longer Emily is missing, the closer she gets to to Emily’s beau, consoling the grieving father and husband. Throughout the film we are given many opportunities to make assumptions ourselves as to what is going on and how this intriguing story unfolds.

Kendrick and Lively are excellently cast for the characters in this film and leaves us remembering the successful “Gossip Girl” series and the “Pitch Perfect” trilogy. The characters are completely opposite. One a powerful business woman, the other a stay at home mother with a parenting blog. All characters display psychological trauma and are somewhat delusional. As the story unfolds we are met with the explanation to the secret identity of Emily. The soundtrack of cheesy 60’s French pop only adds to the wackiness of this urban thriller tale. A gamble of friendship on the line and shocking events unfolding, two women living double-lives and a charming husband and children.


“A Simple Favour” is a suburban tale full of psychological suspense. Filled with love, loyalty, revenge, murder and betrayal. The film has currently raked $49 million at the box off domestically in the US and internationally has brought in $27 million. The only thing not complimenting is the screen writer Jessica Sharper never read the book for the film adaption.


Sarah Barrett


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