Videos reveal rats on DCU accommodation

Amy Donohoe

The videos of the rats were shared in a Larkfield students group chat .

Two videos of rats in Larkfield courtyard have been circulating in a DCU Facebook group chat.

DCU students, Maeve Fortune and Jane Coleman shared the videos into the residents chat last week. One video shows a rat running in the courtyard and the other shows a rat after being attacked by a magpie.

“It is pretty unhygienic. It’s scary going near the bins in case they’re there and I’m definitely worried they will get inside,” Coleman said.

Campus Residence have received complaints about the rats on campus. It is believed that the problem arose due to the food waste bin that has recently been placed in the Larkfield courtyard.

“If its a case that we have to relocate the bins, we will of course act on that. We’re going to be keeping a close eye on it because we don’t want any kind of infestation.” said Mairead McGarry, Residential life coordinator.

Wise waste management training were held in Larkfield common rooms this week.

When asked, Larkfield resident, Louise McLarnon  said the meetings: “didn’t mention the rats, I’ve seen pictures from the courtyard about rats and saw things moving in the grass, although I did see cats around yesterday so maybe they’ve set a few out to catch them.”

“They explained about the new recycling system, what to put in each bin and what not,”  she said.

It is the first year that the food waste bins have been introduced.  Campus Residence have said that they plan to have bins collected more often in the future.

They are following a similar programme that UCC have where they implement fines to students with poor waste management.

There is a plan to have the waste bins placed in Hampstead and College Park next year.

Amy Donohoe

Video Credit: Maeve Fortune and Jane Coleman

Image Credit: Clara Hickey