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Nicole Cassidy

We have all seen the influencers and Celebrities promoting the “Perfect Smile” on our social media. White teeth have become the new “pretty” which means whitening strips and custom bleaching trays have become an essential beauty product of this social media age.

Spotlight Teeth whitening was created by two Irish dentists, Lisa and Vanessa Creaven in September 2016. They created this brand to provide their clients with a safe way of teeth whitening at home using the same ingredients they use in their clinical dental practice for professional whitening.

These two entrepreneurs created a new formula for their product, it includes a very small amount of peroxide (0.01%). This is the only ingredient clinically proven to whiten teeth.

Products include the spotlight whitening strips kit (2 full weeks supply), this is also available in a men’s kit and is tailored for the size of the male mouth. Both Kits retail at €39.95.

Due to the demand for the teeth whitening strips, the brand released three more products, The Spotlight Whitening Toothpaste €9.50, Teeth White Pen €14.99 and Spotlight x ISPCC Kids Toothpaste €5.95.

Spotlight whitening has been a huge success over the last two years and the brand received three awards last year.  They were awarded Best Beauty Gadget 2017 at the RSVP Beauty awards.

In 2017 Lisa and Vanessa were also given an award at the Image Beauty and Image Magazine Awards for Business Woman of The Year.

The brand has been a great success even in a short timeframe and has featured in VOGUE, BAZZAR and ELLE Magazine. These articles can be found on

All of the products are now available in pharmacies and Boots stores in Ireland, the UK, Norway, Finland and the U.A.E. Delivery worldwide is available on the website.

As the demand for sparkling white teeth has grown rapidly, so have the teeth whitening companies. Although Spotlight has been a great success in Ireland and the UK, HiSmile is its biggest competitor.

HiSmile is the most popular Teeth Whitening brand at the moment with customers all over the globe.

Founders Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic used social media to turn it into a $10 million dollar business in just two years. Three years on it has now grown to $40 million dollars.

They invested $20,000 of their own funds into the business when they first started and with their use of social media and influencers such as Conor McGregor and Kylie Jenner the brand has taken over.

HiSmile says it whitens in 10 minutes leaving your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. There is no sensitivity, it is vegan-friendly, convenient and easy while being safe to use.

The kit contains 3 gels which is 6 uses, one LED light, one mouth tray, shade guide and instruction manual. The ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, sodium chlorite, pomegranate, aloe vera and chamomile. It retails at €54.99 and free shipping is included.

Other products include gel refills for €21.99, a whitening pen for €21.99, a coconut whitening mouthwash for €21.99, and a day and night toothpaste for €13.99. The great advantage about HiSmile compared to other brands is that they offer 100% results guaranteed or your money back.


Nicole Cassidy

Image Credit: Spotlightwhitening