Very last-minute Halloween ideas

Amy Donohoe

With Halloween only around the corner, it’s time to get the costume sorted and if you’re a college student, you don’t want to be wasting money on a fancy costume. 

A bonus of putting together a DIY costume is all the fun that goes into it. DIY is trending heavily right now. Pieces can simply pulled together from what is already owned and by adding  a few extra accessories. A Halloween costume is all about creativity so here are some easy ideas to try.

Here’s a simple idea: you can become an athlete from any sport by simply wearing a jersey that you already own  or become an American football player by wearing a jersey, carrying a football, and wearing black face paint. A hurling player can be created by carrying a hurley stick and wearing a helmet.

Or if you have some bed sheets lying around, use these to make a Halloween costume. You can cut two eye holes out of the sheet and be a ghost. Or if you’re not feeling the ghost look you can turn the sheet into a Roman toga: throw one corner of the sheet over your shoulder and wear some sandals.

Still missing the summer music festival scene? Be a hippie by wearing your flower headbands, ripped jeans and sheer, lacy cardigans. Style hair in loose waves or braids. Or if you’re retired from going out, why not dress as a granny. Glue cotton balls to a fitted hat, wear a floral dress, a knitted cardigan, pearls and plastic glasses.

And with all the Harry Potter merchandise in Penneys, dress up in your favourite Hogwarts house colors or dress in an all-gold outfit with attached wings as the Quidditch cup.

If you’re the funny one of your friend group and love a good play on words why not go for a ‘punny’ costume idea that’ll guarantee laughs. You can attach “Smarties” sweets to your trousers, wear a bowtie and some glasses, and you’re a ‘Smarty Pants’ or wear a Hawaiian shirt and some boxing gloves if you’d prefer to be Hawaiian Punch.

To be more original, dress as a Bubble Bath. This costume can be put together in a matter of minutes. Just blow up some white balloons and tape them to yourself, throw on a shower cap, grab a loofah and a bottle of shampoo. Just make sure to wear clothes underneath.

There are many ideas on Pinterest if you’d prefer to match with a friend. One person could dress up in a yellow dress with glued on feathers, while the other person dresses in all black with a DIY cardboard magnet taped to them. Simple options such as Salt and Pepper or as Mario and Luigi are also easily done.

You and your friends could dress up as the unforgettable pop group, the Spice Girls. Scary Spice calls for some serious edge, Posh Spice is all about the little dresses, Baby Spice loves her pigtails and pastels, Ginger Spice is should wear red, and Sporty Spice can wear some athletics gear.

With the rise of musicals this year, you can wear your flared jeans, overalls, off-the-shoulder tops, and go-go boots. You can go as Donna and your friends could be the Dynamos. The Greatest Showman is also an inspiring film for costumes. Carnival or circus themed outfits are easy to develop. You could be a ringmaster, bearded lady, or showman.

And if you happen to be dedicated to journalism, Stay Classy San Diego! All you need is a fake press pass, fake mustache and a suit to be the one and only Ron Burgundy. This costume also requires one liners and absurd behaviour.

Amy Donohoe

Image Credit: Wikipedia