Avoiding grim winter skin

Nicole Cassidy

Coming into the winter months it’s so important to take care of your skin, especially so it’s glowing for this festive season. We have all tried different trends to try and achieve glowing clear skin, from bubble face masks to activated charcoal facemasks, that cost extortionate prices.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. As you age, looking after your skin is an important part of a daily routine. Finding the right skin care can be difficult, especially on a budget, but with Christmas only around the corner here are some of the best-recommended skin care products for all types of skin.

Keihl’s skin care is an American brand that promotes healthy skin care for both men and women using naturally-derived ingredients.

Some of these include Squalene, an oil that is steam-distilled from olives, Lavender which can have an anti-depressant effect and can cause restful sleep because of its aroma and Calendula which comes from the marigold flower and can be used for soothing or healing purposes. Caffeine, vitamin C and Beech Tree Extract are among the other natural ingredients that Kiehl’s use in their skin care products.

They have recently released a Limited Edition ‘Holiday Skincare Secrets’ Gift Set retailed at €55.00. This can be purchased online and in Debenhams stores.

The gift set contains the ‘Calendula’ Deep Cleansing Foaming Face wash 75ml, The ‘Midnight Recovery’ Concentrate 30ml, ‘powerful-Strength’ Line-Reducing Concentrate 5ml and the Ultra Facial Cream 7ml.

The gift set includes some of the brand’s most desired products suitable for all skin types, it is a great idea as a present or to try these products yourself and see what works best for your skin type before investing in the full-sized product.

If you suffer with super sensitive skin or problems such as redness and dry skin, products from the popular brand La Roche-Posay would be highly recommended.

The brand’s best selling products include Cicaplast Baume B5, Lipkar Baume AP+ and Anthelios XL 50+.  Cicaplast is a multipurpose balm that soothes, protects and repairs delicate skin. The great thing about this product is it’s suitable for all ages, from babies to adults. Lipkar is a balm that locks moisture into the skin allowing it to be protected from the drying effects of water. This product provides 24-hour hydration to the skin when applied.

Anthelios XL 50+ is a facial sunscreen which is ultra light and non-greasy that can be used for everyday wear. La Roche-Posay products can be purchased in Boots or in pharmacies nationwide. If you are not a fan of using many different products when it comes to skincare but still want to achieve a radiant glow, a must-have product as part of your skincare routine is Bio-oil.

Bio-oil is an amazing product that retails between €5.95 and €27.95. What makes Bio-oil different to other skin care products? It helps to reduce stretch marks and can be used on other parts of the body and not only your face. It helps with ageing skin, dehydrated skin and it also can reduce uneven skin tone.

Bio-oil is an excellent product, it is affordable, smells lovely, feels great on your skin and most importantly it works.

Using products like these and drinking plenty of water will ensure your skin is plump and glowing this festive season.

Nicole Cassidy

Image Credit: Logolynx.com