DCU rolls out all the stops on the new Monopoly board

Ellen Fitzpatrick

DCU are the only third level institute to appear on the Dublin edition of Monopoly.

DCU features on the new Dublin Monopoly board, which was launched on November 1st, 2018.

Monopoly: Dublin Edition was released in Smithfield and displays a number of prominent Dublin locations, including DCU.

DCU is the only university to feature on the board, valued at 320 Monopoly Dollars. It is also seen as an image in the centre of the board.

The university is one of 30 Dublin landmarks that have made it to the board, along with the GPO, the National Botanic Gardens and Kilmainham Gaol.

“We are delighted with the inclusion of DCU on the new look Dublin Monopoly board. Like the university itself, this edition is fresh and vibrant and it puts Dublin City University exactly where it should be –  firmly on the map, and at the centre of all the action,” said DCU Deputy President Daire Keogh.

“Inclusion on the Monopoly Board is very positive in terms of building the profile of DCU.  From a student perspective and for alumni seeking employment and promotion, this was seen as an excellent opportunity to position DCU among some of Dublin and Ireland’s most iconic names,” he continued.

“The licence for this particular edition of the game will run for five years, therefore the opportunities for exposure of the DCU brand both nationally and internationally over the period are sizeable,” Keogh added.

An Irish edition of the Monopoly board was on the shelves a few years ago but was not an official Monopoly product, whereas this new Dublin edition has been officially released by Hasbro.

DCU is located on the green squares of the board, which are some of the higher valued squares. DCU is priced higher than Temple Bar and the Guinness Storehouse, two high ranking Dublin attractions.

DCU Accommodation are planning to rent out Monopoly boards for residences, with a €10 deposit needed to secure a game.

Their aim with this initiative is to make their reception more social for international students who may not know anyone in DCU and want to get to know each other.

They are purchasing various games, most notably Monopoly: Dublin Edition as it includes DCU, in order to make DCU Accommodation more of a social spot.

“We take a €10 deposit if they’re bringing them away from reception and at reception, they don’t have to pay a deposit,” said Mairead McGarry, the Residential Life Coordinator for DCU rooms.

“We’re getting loads of more games in, we’ll definitely get the Monopoly board with DCU on it but we just haven’t got it yet.”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Image credit: Alison Clair