Sleigh bells rings, are you listening?

Amy Donohoe

Illustration by Rachel Halpin

The Halloween decorations have just been taken down and Dublin City Centre is already decorated for Christmas, this includes playing Christmas music. And as you’re reading this Michael Bublé is currently defrosting for the Christmas season. Is it too early? Or are we ready for a Holly Jolly Christmas?

Whether it’s on the radio or in the shops, it doesn’t end until December 26th. Some love it, others can’t bear it, but it’s almost impossible to escape it, so we may as well embrace it.

Department stores annoyingly loop Christmas songs but can you imagine buying presents without the hint of saxophone and jingle bells in the background? It wouldn’t be the same magical atmosphere without it.

It has been said that listening to too much Christmas music is depressing but listening to any genre of music too much is depressing. But it is extremely cheerful music and it can put most anyone, even the Grinch, in a good mood. There’s no quicker way to put yourself in a fabulous mood than to put on a few Christmas tunes. The upbeat, cheerful songs, that are so familiar, always make you feel like you’re in a happier mood.

A lot of Christmas music is joyous, repetitive, and so, so catchy. It’s one of the many things that makes it beautiful. Nobody can really ever outgrow Christmas music because most traditional Christmas songs have been remade at one point or another, and in more ways than one, so that every age can enjoy a version sang by their favourite artist.

Christmas music brings people together, everybody knows the same song no matter what age you are. It is a great genre for parents to leave on the radio, without having to worry about whether there’s an inappropriate song on next.

The old, familiar tunes will always bring back memories of coming down the stairs on December 25th to find the tree surrounded by toys. There’s something almost magical about that moment. It brings back good memories of a time in our lives we’d love to go back to and Christmas music always helps rekindle those old memories.

Whether it be traditional, classical, religious, pop, modern, or even jazz, there is a fascinating adaptation to most Christmas songs to please anyone’s ear. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande to Snoop Dogg have covered Christmas songs and there is talk of John Legend releasing a Christmas album.

Although Christmas music is mostly known for being happy and uplifting, there’s really songs for every feeling and mood. There’s sad, slow songs longing for a far away love or home, angry songs about the unfairness of love and life, and every other kind of sentiment you could be feeling. There’s even lonely country ballads and heavy metal bangers all to the tune of a merry Christmas. Whatever genre you’re into, there’s a Christmas song for everyone.

Christmas music is fun, happy and sometimes heartbreaking. You can party to it or sing it loudly for all to hear. It’s one of the most underrated types of music ever, and it certainly deserves a spot in your playlist, even if it is a bit early.

There should be no shame in spreading Christmas cheer throughout the year.  It brings a deranged comfort. There’s something about classic Christmas tunes, it offers a sure-fire escape route for the brain and heart.

Amy Donohoe

Image Credit: Rachel Halpin